T Studio Wedding - Astoria Queens, NYC - Kelly and Johannes

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T Studio Wedding Astoria Queens NYC Photographer-69.jpg

“This is her favorite song,” Kelly said. Although the little girl was fast asleep at the wedding reception, Kelly gently scooped her up, headed to the dance floor, and proceeded to rock the little girl through the entire song, ensuring that she stayed fast asleep in her arms.

This is who Kelly is. Where most would have seen a losing situation (either wake the girl or have her miss dancing to her favorite song), Kelly saw a way to give this girl the best of both worlds.

Johannes and Kelly met at a jazz club while Johannes was visiting New York City from Germany. The two hit it off but didn’t think it could actually become anything, given the distance. However, they found themselves Skyping every night and visiting each other every few months for 5 years until Johannes moved to New York to be with Kelly.

You see, they both realized there wasn’t another Kelly or Johannes that was more conveniently located. This was the one. The only one.

Kelly and Johannes, I couldn’t be happier for you two. Kelly, you are the epitome of grace, kindness, and compassion, and you make everyone feel as though they are the most special person. Johannes, you are equally kind and so thoughtful and loving; your presence puts others at ease The two of you deserve each other, and that is a high compliment for both of you!

I’m so honored to have been trusted to capture your beautiful wedding day, and I’m thrilled to share these photos with you. Congratulations!

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Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Conception Church, Astoria

Reception Venue: T Studio Event Space

Caterer: Vite Vinosteria

Kelly’s dress: BHLDN Cassia Gown

Kelly’s shoes: Banana Republic

Kelly's and bridal party’s earrings: Etsy - Pink Carnation Design

Johannes’ suit: Hugo Boss

Johannes’ shoes: Bugatti

Hair and Makeup: E.Z. Wright Hair/Makeup

Florist: International Garden, Inc.

Decor: DIY

DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Camille and Dan

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DUMBO Engagement Session NYC Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Phooto Shoot

Camille and Dan, your engagement session was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. I love that you brought an awesome playlist with you, I love that you love to dance, I love that you’re high school sweethearts, I love that you didn’t have an outfit change but you *did* have a shoe change. And most of all, I love the way you two fit together.

I feel like I’ve known the two of you forever, and I am seriously beyond excited for your wedding in May. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Emily and Dylan

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DUMBO Engagement Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer-11.jpg

“Don’t let this guy go. He’s important.”

That’s what Emily heard in her head moments after meeting Dylan at Chicken Sh*t Bingo at a bar in Austin, Texas. If that sentence left your mind blown… I felt the same way as Emily and Dylan were recounting the awesomely exciting story of how they met.

First of all, Chicken Sh*t Bingo is apparently a thing in Austin (and I’m convinced it should become widespread!) where there’s a big bingo board, and if a chicken poops on your number… you win! More importantly, it was being played at the bar where Emily and Dylan met. Although she was visiting from her home in Brooklyn, Emily listened to that voice in her head. She said she’d never had that feeling before or since.

Now, the two live together in Brooklyn, and I’m so excited to have become part of their journey!!

Emily and Dylan, it was incredible to meet you two, and I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. The two of you lit each other up and were so loving and adorable that my job literally just became pushing a button on my camera. Your love and goodness is infectious, and I’m so looking forward to your wedding in June!!

Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot! :)

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NYC Church Wedding - Brooklyn - Lily and Kevin

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NYC Wedding Photographer New York Brooklyn Church

“I don’t have a dress yet,” Lily told me over the phone. It was a week before the wedding.

The thing is, there was no panic in her voice, no worry, no trouble at all. Instead, there was a playfulness and a sense of ease and joy. Because the dress isn’t what mattered to Lily and Kevin on their wedding day. The truth is, they could have worn paper bags down the aisle, and their generous, caring, loving, beautiful souls would have radiated throughout the church and would have still made everyone weep with joy. (Sidenote: everyone looked impeccable.)

Lily and Kevin, your wedding was so clearly about love and family. Personally, I love that you walked each other down the aisle. It was so moving that your fathers officiated the ceremony as your children stood on the altar with you. The love and support around you was so clearly a reflection of the people that you are.

Congratulations to you both and to your family! Enjoy this sneak peek from your wedding day.

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Ceremony and Luncheon: Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Dinner Reception: Alma

1 Hotel / Bison and Bourbon Wedding - DUMBO Brooklyn - Shira and Jason

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Wedding Bison and Bourbon NYC DUMBO Photographer

How can two people be so chill and calm and also be the life of the party?

Shira and Jason, your wedding was magical in so many ways. You achieved your goal of having an epically celebratory dance party (I personally could not stay off the dance floor), and it was elevated because at the center of it was a union that is so clearly right.

While the big dance party was so perfect for you, so was the intimate ceremony where your parents stood under the chuppah with you as you became husband and wife. Your love is so effortless and so constant, and I could not be happier for you both. Mazal tov!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos from your wedding day!

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Wedding planner: Life by Laura

Officiant: Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Venue/Caterer: Bison & Bourbon

Shira’s dress: Dessy

Shira’s shoes: Stuart Wetizman

Shira’s jewelry: Kenneth Jay Lane

Jason’s suit: Enzo Custom

Jason’s shoes: Johnston & Murphy

Rings: E C Jewelers

Hair and Makeup: beGlammed

Band/DJ: Jay McElfresh Events

Florist: Manhattan Garden

Stationer: Paper Culture

Magnets: Magnetic Memories

Astoria Engagement Shoot - NYC - Brittany and David

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Astoria NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session_0007.jpg

“Whatever Brittany wants.”

It was early in the shoot, and David was clearly going along with the engagement session shenanigans because he knew Brittany was all about it. He wore the outfits she picked out, he didn’t protest when we went out in the rain, and by the end of the time, I swear he was enjoying himself. Maybe it was the champagne and the beer, or maybe it was the fact that these two simply know how to have a great time together.

Brittany, I was already smitten with you from our illustrious email relationship, and it was so wonderful to meet you in person to find that you’re even more colorful and exciting in real life! I love that you are all about having a great time, and I love that you were game to go out in the rain, even though your hair was totally on point.

David and Brittany, I am beyond excited to shoot your wedding next year because I know it’s going to be a total blast!! You two are such a great match, and I am totally smitten with you and your relationship. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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Martha Clara Vineyards Wedding - Long Island - Megan and Schuyler

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Martha Clara Vineyards Wedding Long Island NYC Photographer

“No crying. It’s a happy day,” Megan reminded her parents while they were all getting ready in her childhood home.

While yes, it was a very happy day, even Megan broke her own rule before she made it out of the house. In fact, the happy tears flowed throughout the ceremony right on into the reception. Megan and Schuyler had a crowd of beautiful souls who couldn’t contain their joy and had to let it out through tears. But Megan, hopefully this next observation will make you feel a little better:

For all the happy tears, there was about 50 times more laughter.  The energy of this wedding was off the charts, and it was contagiously joyful.

Megan and Schuyler, your wedding was magical.  The two of you set a tone that allowed everyone to sit back, chill out, and just have the time of their lives.  It was a wedding where everyone was truly happy to be there and so totally in love with your love.  And I know your marriage will contain that same magic.  Thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you and your amazing families and friends.  I truly felt like a guest (who was allowed to be obsessively taking photos), and I was laughing along with everyone.  And I'll admit I even found myself shedding a few happy tears.  And it wasn't because that ice cream cake is one of the best things I've ever tasted... it's because the two of you are just so dreamy together.

So excited about your full gallery of photos!!  In the meantime, enjoy this peek into your wedding day.  :)

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Ceremony venue: Saint Isidore Roman Catholic Church

Reception venue: Martha Clara Vineyards

Wedding planner: Spectacular Events by Erin

Caterer: Irish Coffee Pub

Megan's dress: Allure Bridals

Megan's shoes: Badgley Mischka

Schuyler's suit: Brooks Brothers

Hair: Prism Wellness Salon

Makeup: Deidra O'Brien

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Florist for bouquets: Wildflower Floral Events

Centerpieces: Hither Brook Floral

Lighting: Matt Murphy Event Lighting

Videography: Blake Hemmel

Cake: Magic Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

Stationer: Minted

Surprise Wedding! - Allegria Hotel in Long Island - Stacie and Brian

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Allegria Hotel Wedding Long Island NYC Wedding Photographer Long Beach-68.jpg

One by one, their jaws dropped.

Stacie and Brian’s family and friends thought they were attending an engagement brunch. After a small cocktail hour, which the engaged couple attended in regular brunch-wear, the unsuspecting guests were led to a room where they thought they’d be enjoying a nice brunch. What they saw instead, an obvious ceremony room where Brian stood wearing a suit, caused shock, joy, excitement, and happiness.

Stacie and Brian, when I met you both a few years ago, I honestly thought you were already married. Your relationship had such ease, and you were so clearly each others’ rocks. The way you support each other is inspiring! Clearly you love to laugh together, and to say your surprise wedding was a joyful success is an understatement.  I was honored to be trusted with the secret and to be invited to capture this incredible day.

Enjoy the sneak peek of photos, complete with an epic post-ceremony portrait session on the beach!

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Venue: The Allegria Hotel

Stacie's dress: David's Bridal

Hair: Be Inspired Hair Salon

Makeup: the bride with eye makeup by Be Inspired Hair Salon

Cake: La Guli Pastry Shop