NYC City Hall Wedding - Reed and Balmeet

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NYC Wedding Photography Same Sex City Hall Fort Tryon Park

“So how did you two meet?”

Normally it’s a question I ask months or even years before a wedding. In this case, I was getting to know Reed and Balmeet during their portrait session in Fort Tryon Park, after I had already had the honor of photographing their abundantly joyful ceremony that morning at City Hall.

You see, at 10:30 pm the night before, I got a text from their best man, who was frantically looking to find a photographer after theirs bailed at the last minute. Just my luck to stumble into a wedding day filled with so many laughs and two kind and beautiful grooms.

Reed and Balmeet, if you two handle a wedding day with this much grace, kindness, and good humor, I can only imagine the ease and fun that you bring to everything you do. You were somehow so laid back while also being so vibrant, present, and full of life. I'm so happy for you, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of photos!

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NYC Wedding - Michael and Adrian

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NYC Wedding Photographer Standard Highline Church of the Transfiguration Waverly Inn Same Sex

Our chosen family.  That was a big theme at Adrian and Michael’s wedding, as it is a big theme in their lives.

We have the family we’re born with and then the family we choose. Adrian and Michael’s wedding had an underlying current of such strong support and love. It was an energy that quietly hummed along, throughout the entire guest list, adding depth to each and every moment. At the center of it all, these two men seemed to close the loop by becoming each other’s chosen family.

Adrian and Michael, I am so deeply happy for the two of you. You are so acutely aware that now is the only guarantee, and it is beautiful and inspiring to see you living your lives with kindness, respect, and a healthy dose of playfulness. I was honored to capture your wedding day in photos, and I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek!

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See Michael and Adrian's engagement session here.

Getting Ready Hotel: The Standard High Line

Ceremony Venue: The Church of the Transfiguration

Reception Venue & Caterer: Waverly Inn

Grooms' outfits: Boss

Accessories: West Haus

Adrian's shoes: Pikolinos

Michael's shoes: Mezlan

Central Park Engagement Photo Shoot - NYC - Cat and Andrea

NYC Engagement Photo Session Shoot Central Park Same Sex Lesbian Dog Photographer

“We will also have our 2 dogs with us (pug and a toy poodle) is this ok for you?” Cat included in her second email to me.

Is that OK for me?  Honestly, if Cat and Andrea hadn’t been so sweet and charismatic, I probably would have ditched them altogether and just taken pictures of their adorable little pups!  :P  Thankfully, these glorious ladies are just a lovable as Little Guy and Neige, so it all worked out.

After stalking each other on Instagram (where Cat found me in the first place!), it was so wonderful to finally meet this awesome crew as they visited New York City from their home in Canada.

Cat and Andrea, I’m so thrilled for you and your engagement!  Your kindness and easy going attitudes compliment each other so incredibly well. I loved our little jaunt together in Central Park, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

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She Said Yes! - Central Park NYC Proposal - Adam and Kerra

“Omg I’m so nervous,” Adam texted me moments before the proposal.

Adam and I had been texting and chatting for a few days as we planned how I would capture his romantic proposal to Kerra, the love of his life. Adam planned to take her on a romantic gondola ride in Central Park. Once they passed under the Bow Bridge, a friend would start serenading the couple, and Adam would pop the question.

Well, take a look at how it worked out!!  Adam and Kerra, I’m so thrilled for you both, and it was so exciting and very moving to capture this gorgeous and thrilling proposal.

Congratulations, and enjoy this sneak peek of photos!!

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Upper West Side - NYC - Dana and Jeremy

Upper West Side NYC Photographer

“I’m imagining a picture in front of Zabar’s," Dana told me in advance of Dana and Jeremy's Sunday morning Upper West Side photo shoot.

You see, Dana has lived on the Upper West Side for over 10 years; it is her neighborhood, her beloved home. In a month or two, Dana and Jeremy are going to become homeowners in the suburbs, and Dana wanted to have some photos to document their Sunday morning routine.

Dana and Jeremy, it was an absolute pleasure to accompany you to Orwashers, Birdbath, the farmer’s market, and of course Zabar’s. Most often, the most important and impactful decisions we make are bittersweet ones. I am excited for both of you as you move into this exciting new phase! And remember, the Upper West Side will always be here for you on Sunday mornings, and any other time. :)

Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot!

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Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos - DUMBO - Sarah and Matt

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session Photographer DUMBO Sunrise

“Can we be friends after the wedding?” Sarah asked at the end of our shoot.


Sarah and Matt, I’m so glad we finally met and had our epic sunrise Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot with flowers and champagne! I had so much fun with the two of you, and if you’re this much fun at sunrise, I can only imagine what you’re like when the sun goes down!! Cannot wait to find out at the wedding!

As obsessed as I am with your super charming playfulness, what stood out to me most about our time together was the quiet way you two seamlessly complement each other. Both of you are effortlessly kind and generous, and your relationship is only able to be so much fun because of the deep respect you have for each other.

I feel honored to know you both, and I am beyond excited for the wedding. For now, enjoy this sneak peek from our engagement shoot!

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West Village and Washington Square Park Marriage Portraits - NYC - Hyo Jung and Derek

West Village Washington Square Park NYC Marriage Engagement Photo Session Shoot-12.jpg

“I don’t know if you knew this, but I was obsessed with you in high school.”

That was me, during our photo shoot, revealing to Hyo Jung that I became totally infatuated with her after she did an epic presentation about samurai in our senior year World History class. We had always been very friendly throughout middle and high school, but when she came into our first period history class and *became* a samurai warrior, complete with props and an action-movie soundtrack, my eyes were newly opened to the force of nature that is Hyo Jung.

When she reached out to me about photographing her marriage celebration with Derek, I was overjoyed until I realized I couldn't do it. Bummed at missing out on the chance, I basically begged her and Derek to come do some portraits with me another time. And I’m so glad I did!  Mostly because I got to reunite with Hyo Jung and see that she had married a kind, sweet man who is totally in love with her.

Hyo Jung and Derek, I am so happy for the two of you!  Hyoj, it was so great to reunite for such a happy occasion. Derek, clearly it didn’t take a samurai suit for you to fall in love with this very special woman. I am so thrilled for you both.

Enjoy this sneak peek!

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DUMBO Brooklyn Heights Promenade Anniversary Session - Summer and Paul

DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Heights Promenade Anniversary Photo Shoot Session NYC Wedding Photographer-16.jpg

“Did you get married when you were 12??”

That was the second question (after “Hiii how are you?”) that I asked Summer and Paul when I met them at the start of our anniversary photo shoot.  I knew that they were on a trip to New York from Arizona (without the kids!) to celebrate their 20-year wedding anniversary.  It turns out, they weren’t 12 when they got married, but clearly marriage has kept them young.

Summer and Paul, I had a blast trouncing around Brooklyn with the two of you.  Your energy is refreshing, and you two are so easy and fun.  I’m glad that karma blessed us with a glorious sunset! Summer, the fact that you’re a photographer whose work I greatly admire (cough cough cough cough) makes me feel so honored that you chose me to photograph this very special moment in your lives.

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage to you both!  Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot.  :)

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Deity Events NYC Wedding - Brooklyn - Olivia and Tao

Deity Events NYC Wedding Brooklyn Photographer New York City

Tao’s voice started breaking as he read his vows, Olivia was wiping away tears from her eyes, and I was struggling to hold back tears from behind the camera. I couldn’t understand a word of the language he was speaking, and yet I could totally understand his intentions.

Tao is a very intelligent man, and I’m sure his vows were full of beautiful words, and I’m not pretending that it didn’t matter what those words were. But the way he looked at her, the way his voice started quivering, the way he choked up as he tried to speak — these all showed me that he loves this woman with all his heart and that he was honored to be marrying her.

Olivia, you absolutely blew me away with your kindness and your trust. It’s clear that you wanted this day to be wonderful, and while you’re a natural leader, you were perfectly willing to look to me and follow my lead when it came to the photos. Thank you for this! It’s also clear how much you love Tao. The way he could so easily light up your face and break you into a smile or laugh was a joy to experience.

Olivia and Tao, I am so honored you invited me to celebrate and photograph your wedding day. Your love has that rare quality that feels so light, so joyful, so full of laughs, and yet also clearly runs so deep. You are a picture perfect pair, and your wedding day was a dream. Congratulations!!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos!