The Green Building Wedding - Brooklyn - Alysha Umphress & Cody Williams

Green Building Wedding Brooklyn-1.jpg

“Let me know if you and Cody want to do an engagement photo shoot!  Like, for free.  I’m trying to build up my portfolio for non-headshot stuff, AND plus it would be super fun!!  :D”

That text to Alysha resulted in an audio text response where she said she wanted to pick my brain about maybe photographing their wedding. “I mean, obviously we would pay you… But like, also, FULLY say ‘I would rather just be a guest’ and I will be like ‘Absolutely. Understood.’ because, you know, first and foremost you’ll be a guest… I don’t know. Thoughts? Feelings?”

Thoughts:  YES YES YES YES.  Feelings:  joy, excitement, happiness, glee.

Alysha and Cody's wedding, in the words of the bride herself, was “a magical celestial neon galactic dream.” The Monday night affair (that’s the night off for theatre people) had no less than three surprise drag queen performances, two dogs, and an unabashed amount of neon, moons, and stars. True to their hashtag, it was lit AF.

But underneath all the glitter, the evening was, simply, about the joining of two people whose relationship is authentic and inspiring.

Alysha and Cody, thank you for having me as your guest and for trusting me with the honor of photographing one of the most spectacular evenings I’ve ever been a part of. You are two people who are so charming, talented, and driven that you could get away with being not much else. But those things pale in comparison to your kindness, warmth, and generosity. So thrilled for you and Dizzy (the dog). Enjoy the sneak peek!


Venue:  The Green Building

Wedding Planner: Jason Mitchell Kahn

Officiant: Jeff Blumenkrantz

Decor: The Color Condition

Neon: Name Glo

Dress: Hayley Paige

Shoes: Chiara Ferragni

Suit: Suit Supply

Hair: Billie Aken-Tyers

Makeup: Bryan Campbell-Leavitt

Nails: Paintbox

Alysha's Jewelry and Cody's ring: Catbird

Engagement ring: Phoenix Roze

Alysha's wedding ring: Sofia Zakia

Flowers: Kukka

Sign calligrapher : Michelle Eliza Beatty

Invitation:  GoGoSnap Vintage

Food trucks: Korilla and Chick'n Cone

Dessert: Zac Young and Pineapple Express

Rentals: Broadway Rentals

DJ: 21st Century Sounds - Brian Fitzsimmons

Photo Booth: Dirty Sugar

Videography: Fine By Media

Drag Queen:  Busted