City Hall Wedding - NYC - Ambe & Marzio

NYC City Hall Wedding

Ambe’s smile is pure joy.

Nothing against the other couples at City Hall that day (and it was bustling!), but the megawatt joy and excitement pouring out of Ambe and Marzio was unmissable. Marzio’s parents were visiting from Italy, so the couple decided a few weeks earlier that it would be a great opportunity to take a trip to NY City Hall to make it official.

Ambe and Marzio, I am truly humbled to have had the opportunity to photograph your infectiously joyful wedding. The fact that you are both photographers that I admire makes your decision to choose me even that much more flattering.

At the end of the day, though, I know it wasn’t the photography that was important to you. (Especially considering I had to talk you into 20 minutes of portraits…. which I’m hoping you don’t regret. :P ) The day wasn’t even about the wedding. The important thing to you both, so clearly, was that you joined together in marriage in the company of your parents.

You are an inspirational couple, so calmly solid and soothing, and with such an access to uninhibited joy and light. It’s amazing that a couple so cool could also be so unapologetically warm. Congratulations to you both; enjoy the sneak peek!

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Ceremony: City Clerk's Office - Marriage Bureau

Dress: Halston Heritage

Ambe's Shoes: Franco Sarto

Hair: Olithea Anglin

Makeup: Ambe Williams

Ambe's jacket: Calvin Klein

Engagement ring: Family stone. Custom band from Antonacci Gioielli.

Suit: J. Crew

Marzio's Shoes: Dockers

Rings: Unoaerre Italian Jewelry

Flowers: Urban Stems

Restaurant: Dar 525