West Village and Washington Square Park Marriage Portraits - NYC - Hyo Jung and Derek

West Village Washington Square Park NYC Marriage Engagement Photo Session Shoot-12.jpg

“I don’t know if you knew this, but I was obsessed with you in high school.”

That was me, during our photo shoot, revealing to Hyo Jung that I became totally infatuated with her after she did an epic presentation about samurai in our senior year World History class. We had always been very friendly throughout middle and high school, but when she came into our first period history class and *became* a samurai warrior, complete with props and an action-movie soundtrack, my eyes were newly opened to the force of nature that is Hyo Jung.

When she reached out to me about photographing her marriage celebration with Derek, I was overjoyed until I realized I couldn't do it. Bummed at missing out on the chance, I basically begged her and Derek to come do some portraits with me another time. And I’m so glad I did!  Mostly because I got to reunite with Hyo Jung and see that she had married a kind, sweet man who is totally in love with her.

Hyo Jung and Derek, I am so happy for the two of you!  Hyoj, it was so great to reunite for such a happy occasion. Derek, clearly it didn’t take a samurai suit for you to fall in love with this very special woman. I am so thrilled for you both.

Enjoy this sneak peek!

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