Metropolitan Museum of Art Engagement Session - NYC - Karen and Baruch

Metropolitan Museum of Art Engagement - NYC - Karen and Baruch

Karen and Baruch’s engagement session was unique to me for three main reasons.

For one, it’s indoors. We had planned to shoot outside at the beautiful Fort Tryon Park, but then we got thrown a curve ball. It was 12 degrees outside. We opted to shoot in the Metropolitan Museum, which was fine by me! Beautiful natural light, heat, and a fun, iconic setting for these museum lovers.

The second thing that sets this shoot apart is that Karen and Baruch will be saving all the hand holding, embracing, and sweet kisses for the photos after their wedding ceremony. No touching during this engagement shoot!

The third, and most important, thing that stands out about this shoot is that none of that matters. Karen and Baruch’s connection goes beyond the cold, beyond location, beyond touch. These two are so lit up to be around each other; they’re so full of smiles, affection, and easy conversation. Within minutes, I felt like I had known them forever, and although they claim they hardly take any photos, they were so immediately relaxed and authentic with each other and with me.

Karen and Baruch, I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding with you this coming weekend. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek!