Orthodox Jewish Wedding at Congregation Keter Torah - Teaneck, NJ - Karen & Baruch

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Orthodox Jewish  Wedding Congregation Keter Torah

In the middle of the most celebratory horah I have ever witnessed, Karen’s friend made her way through the crowd with a glass of water for the bride. Karen took just a moment to hydrate and then got back to the most joyful and energetic circle dancing I’ve ever seen.  A few minutes later, the bride was presented with another glass of water, from which she dutifully took a few sips.

And then it all became clear to me.  This wasn’t a random act of kindness by a sweet friend.  It seemed to be part of the tradition in which Karen and Baruch were treated like royalty.  At one point, the couple was seated while individual groups entertained them with previously rehearsed dances and skits.  Guests knelt down before the groom so that he may lean back in his chair and put up his feet.  People were fanning the couple with napkins and even carried them to their dinner table when the horah was over.  I turned to the mother of the bride and said “That makes me want to do my wedding over again!”

Karen and Baruch, thank you for inviting me to be part of your incredible wedding day.  From the moment I met you at your engagement shoot, you were so relaxed and inviting.  You are one of the sweetest and most laid back couples I’ve ever met, and you have a love that is so pure and hearts that are so kind.  You make me proud to be Jewish, and I know you will continue our faith and traditions with integrity and heart.  Mazal Tov to you both!

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Venue: Congregation Keter Torah

Catering: Five Star Caterers

Flowers: Mimulo

Bride's shoes:  Paradox London Pink