NYC High Line Engagement Session - Celina and Greg

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NYC High Line Highline Engagement Photo Shoot Session 2.jpg

“It only took one date,” Celina told me over the phone.

And five minutes into our engagement session, I could absolutely see why.  Celina and Greg both have that thing that instantly makes you fall in love with them.  They radiate joy and warmth in a way that makes you feel excited and calm at the same time.  I can see how, when they had that date over five years ago, they pretty much instantly decided  “Yup.  I’m in!”

Celina and Greg, I so enjoyed our jaunt on the High Line, and I can hardly wait until your wedding later this year!  Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session.

Note:  The High Line is a public park that incorporates sections of old train tracks that were used along the West Side of NYC decades ago.  Don't worry, the tracks seen below spanned about 15 feet and are connected to nothing on either side.  I would never put Celina and Greg in harm's way!

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