Marine Park and Skazka Restaurant Wedding - NYC - Sophia and Mike

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NYC Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Skazka Restaurant Marine Park

“Oh my goodness, it’s 6:55!”

I was shocked when I looked at my cell phone and saw the time as I was supposed to have stopped shooting Sophia and Mike’s wedding at 6 pm. I accidentally stayed for almost a full extra hour! But it makes sense. I lost track of time because I, along with the rest of the guests at the wedding, felt so fully present to the magic of the day.

These two seem to be a match made in heaven, and they’ve attracted such an amazing group into their lives. Their reception was full of impromptu speeches and performances. There were outbursts of joyful dancing and off-the-cuff singing. There wasn’t a typical schedule, but instead it was a room full of people celebrating in their own, unique, self-expressed ways! (Not to mention an abundance of incredible food) And I simply got swept up in it and forgot about the time.

Sophia and Mike, it’s no wonder that you two have surrounded yourself with such a beautifully joyful crowd. You are both clearly so present to the love around you, and that makes it uplifting to be in your presence. The way you look at each other, which such love in your eyes, absolutely melts my heart. I am so happy for you both!

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Ceremony: Marine Park

Reception Venue: Skazka Restaurant

Officiant: Tommie Wehrle

Flowers: Flowerland Decor

Hair and Makeup: Tatiana Li Mua

Cake: Rimini Pastry Shoppe

Musician/MC: Guitaro 5000

Sophia's shoes: Exe

Mike's suit: Joseph Abboud

Mike's shoes: Sarreti

Rings: Zales