Astoria Engagement Shoot - NYC - Brittany and David

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Astoria NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session_0007.jpg

“Whatever Brittany wants.”

It was early in the shoot, and David was clearly going along with the engagement session shenanigans because he knew Brittany was all about it. He wore the outfits she picked out, he didn’t protest when we went out in the rain, and by the end of the time, I swear he was enjoying himself. Maybe it was the champagne and the beer, or maybe it was the fact that these two simply know how to have a great time together.

Brittany, I was already smitten with you from our illustrious email relationship, and it was so wonderful to meet you in person to find that you’re even more colorful and exciting in real life! I love that you are all about having a great time, and I love that you were game to go out in the rain, even though your hair was totally on point.

David and Brittany, I am beyond excited to shoot your wedding next year because I know it’s going to be a total blast!! You two are such a great match, and I am totally smitten with you and your relationship. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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