Carroll Gardens Engagement - Brooklyn NYC - Sarah and Jeff

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Carroll Gardens Engagement Photo Shoot Session Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer-12.jpg

This engagement shoot was 8 years in the making…. even though Sarah and Jeff didn’t even know each other 8 years ago.

Sarah and I met in 2010 when we were hired to be flown to Salt Lake City to sing in a concert. The day before we left for the 5-day gig, I bought myself my very first professional quality camera. Needless to say, I took hundreds of pictures on the trip, and Sarah was one of my very first muses.

A few months later, when Sarah was looking for new headshots, she was one of my very first clients.

And when she and Jeff got engaged, I’m flattered that one of her first thoughts in planning the wedding was “David Perlman.”

It was so much fun to once again photograph Sarah during the engagement session! But what I loved most about this shoot was getting to know Jeff and getting to see how well he treats my friend. We all want our friends to end up with someone that we feel is deserving of them, and in this case it warms my heart to see that Sarah and Jeff share an easy-going zest for life and that they treat each other with love, admiration, and respect.

Sarah and Jeff, I’m beyond excited to be on this journey with the two of you. You are so much fun to be around, and I couldn’t be happier that you’re marrying each other and that I get to be along for the ride! Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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