Key West Anniversary - Key West, Florida - Loretta and Marshall

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When my husband and I first started coming to Key West with regularity, we kept hearing about Marshall and Loretta. We heard about how kind they are, how warm and welcoming they are. We heard about their beautiful backyard garden and how hospitable they are. We heard about how fun and supportive they are and how we *must* meet them.

Marshall and Loretta, in reality, surpassed the almost folkloric reputation that preceded them. They have been like a shining light of friendship and support in sunny Key West. And their backyard is, indeed, beautiful.

Loretta and Marshall, I know you’ve enjoyed your winter home here in Key West, and I hope to have captured even a slice of the warmth and love that you’ve been so generous to share with others. You two are such a beautiful team, and I feel lucky to call you my friends. Happy 34th Anniversary!!

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DUMBO Brooklyn Heights Promenade Anniversary Session - Summer and Paul

DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Heights Promenade Anniversary Photo Shoot Session NYC Wedding Photographer-16.jpg

“Did you get married when you were 12??”

That was the second question (after “Hiii how are you?”) that I asked Summer and Paul when I met them at the start of our anniversary photo shoot.  I knew that they were on a trip to New York from Arizona (without the kids!) to celebrate their 20-year wedding anniversary.  It turns out, they weren’t 12 when they got married, but clearly marriage has kept them young.

Summer and Paul, I had a blast trouncing around Brooklyn with the two of you.  Your energy is refreshing, and you two are so easy and fun.  I’m glad that karma blessed us with a glorious sunset! Summer, the fact that you’re a photographer whose work I greatly admire (cough cough cough cough) makes me feel so honored that you chose me to photograph this very special moment in your lives.

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage to you both!  Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot.  :)

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