NYC Engagement - Carl Schurz Park and West Village at Sunrise - Casey and Jeff

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I have a special appreciation for couples that are willing to do sunrise shoots. The light is gorgeous, and the New York City streets are empty. Casey and Jeff were not only willing… they were excited for our adventure!

We caught the beautiful sunrise near their home at Carl Schurz Park before heading to the West Village to Aria Wine Bar, where they had their first date. :)

Casey and Jeffrey, I love how easy you are to laugh, even at 6 in the morning. Your energy is absolutely contagious, and I cannot wait to see your wedding photos!!! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Carl Schurz Park Engagement - NYC - Jen & Ben

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It’s not every engagement session that I’m greeted with wet, slobbery kisses before I walk in the door.   But in the case of Jen and Ben, and their irresistible dog Bella, the lovefest started as soon as the door opened and didn’t end until a few hours later after a trip to Carl Schurz Park and some nighttime photos in the busy streets of the Upper East Side.

Jen and Ben: Bella may have given the first kiss, but the two of you ran away with my heart. Your instant warmth, your ease together, and your love for each other makes it so comfortable and fun to be around you. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, as if we’ve known each other for years. I had a blast with you three, and I am so excited for your wedding day!

Enjoy the sneak peek from your engagement session. And please give Bella a big kiss from me.

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Sunrise NYC Engagement Session at Carl Schurz Park - Amber & David

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When Amber and David stepped out of the Uber at 7 am and 27 degrees, I was smitten.  Not only were they awake, they were full of giddy laughter, and they looked like a million bucks.

Honestly, before I even met them that morning, I was slightly obsessed. They were only going to be in NYC for a few days, and because of our conflicting schedules, I suggested doing a sunrise engagement shoot. To my surprise and delight, they enthusiastically agreed!

Before even knowing them, I knew so much about this couple. I knew they were willing to trust. I knew they were excited about going the extra mile. And I knew that they were the kinds of people who gave it their all.

Amber and David, we shared one freezing cold early morning together, and it’s only fitting that you two were so full of warmth and vivacity. Amber, your laugh and zest for life is obvious and completely infectious. David, your support and commitment to Amber is so clear and inspiring. I am thrilled for you both on your engagement, and I am happy to know you. Enjoy this sneak peek!