SmogShoppe Wedding - LA - Augustus Prew & Jeffery Self

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SmogShoppe Wedding LA Augustus Prew Jeffery Self Same Sex Gay Wedding Los Angeles

“Just have fun. Do your thing!”

It was the shortest consultation phone call I’d ever had, and it seemed to be more for me than it was for them.  On the five minute phone call, Augie and Jeffery invited me to do what I wanted and have fun at the wedding!

During one of the speeches at the wedding, I had a full circle moment.  Amidst some of the most entertaining, hilarious, and emotional speeches I’ve ever experienced (that’s what you get with a room of artists at the top of their field), someone said something that struck a chord with me.  He said that Augie and Jeffery are so authentic that they allow others to show up authentically as well.

I was brought back to our phone call.  The grooms didn’t give me a shot list, didn’t prescribe the types of photos they wanted, they didn’t demand anything or ask a bunch of questions.  They gave me the freedom to show up authentically and do my thing.

Augie and Jeffery, it’s clear to me that the way I was treated - with utmost trust, respect, and support - is the way you treat everyone in your lives.  It’s also clear that your love for each other is rooted at the deepest level of acceptance, support and love.

You are true inspirations in that you don’t inspire others to be like you, you inspire them to be more of themselves.  Thank you for your trust, and enjoy the sneak peek!

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Venue - SmogShoppe

Planner - Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co.

Suits - Mr. Turk

Grooming - Jonathan Van Ness

Officiant - Eric Gilliland

Flowers - Georgiana Johnson & Alexis Di Salvo

Rentals - Town & Country

Cake - Cake and Art

Artwork - Somerset Prew

Food - Border GrillNight + Market

DJ - Micah James

Witchcraft - Miguel Pinzon

Video - Jake Wilson

Prop Masters - Oliver Jackson Cohen & Jim Hansen

Customized games - Etsy