NYC Engagement - Carl Schurz Park and West Village at Sunrise - Casey and Jeff

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I have a special appreciation for couples that are willing to do sunrise shoots. The light is gorgeous, and the New York City streets are empty. Casey and Jeff were not only willing… they were excited for our adventure!

We caught the beautiful sunrise near their home at Carl Schurz Park before heading to the West Village to Aria Wine Bar, where they had their first date. :)

Casey and Jeffrey, I love how easy you are to laugh, even at 6 in the morning. Your energy is absolutely contagious, and I cannot wait to see your wedding photos!!! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Central Park Engagement - NYC - Caitlen and Matthew

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I’ve known Caitlen for many years, and she’s always been a light, a joy, a completely authentic energy that is inspiring to be around. I first met her when I was hired to go to Coastal Carolina University to take headshots for all the senior theater majors. My 45-minute shoot with Caitlen is still so memorable to me, as she was so sweet and bubbly yet grounded at the same time.

We did another round of headshots a few years after she moved to New York City, and we also hung out socially (although not enough!!). When she contacted me about taking her engagement photos, I was giddy at the prospect of shooting with her again, and I was also looking forward to meeting the guy that was lucky enough to be marrying this beautiful soul.

Matthew, I have to say that your sweetness and kindness make me so happy. Your love for Caitlen is so apparent and is so obviously grounded in respect and admiration. She has always been able to light up the camera, but your presence makes her shine even brighter.

Caitlen and Matthew, I’m so happy for you both! Our sunrise engagement shoot was everything I hoped it would be, and I’m so excited to share this sneak peek with you. Enjoy!! :D

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Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos - DUMBO - Sarah and Matt

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session Photographer DUMBO Sunrise

“Can we be friends after the wedding?” Sarah asked at the end of our shoot.


Sarah and Matt, I’m so glad we finally met and had our epic sunrise Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot with flowers and champagne! I had so much fun with the two of you, and if you’re this much fun at sunrise, I can only imagine what you’re like when the sun goes down!! Cannot wait to find out at the wedding!

As obsessed as I am with your super charming playfulness, what stood out to me most about our time together was the quiet way you two seamlessly complement each other. Both of you are effortlessly kind and generous, and your relationship is only able to be so much fun because of the deep respect you have for each other.

I feel honored to know you both, and I am beyond excited for the wedding. For now, enjoy this sneak peek from our engagement shoot!

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Sunrise NYC Engagement Session at Carl Schurz Park - Amber & David

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When Amber and David stepped out of the Uber at 7 am and 27 degrees, I was smitten.  Not only were they awake, they were full of giddy laughter, and they looked like a million bucks.

Honestly, before I even met them that morning, I was slightly obsessed. They were only going to be in NYC for a few days, and because of our conflicting schedules, I suggested doing a sunrise engagement shoot. To my surprise and delight, they enthusiastically agreed!

Before even knowing them, I knew so much about this couple. I knew they were willing to trust. I knew they were excited about going the extra mile. And I knew that they were the kinds of people who gave it their all.

Amber and David, we shared one freezing cold early morning together, and it’s only fitting that you two were so full of warmth and vivacity. Amber, your laugh and zest for life is obvious and completely infectious. David, your support and commitment to Amber is so clear and inspiring. I am thrilled for you both on your engagement, and I am happy to know you. Enjoy this sneak peek!