Orthodox Jewish Wedding at Congregation Keter Torah - Teaneck, NJ - Karen & Baruch

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Orthodox Jewish  Wedding Congregation Keter Torah

In the middle of the most celebratory horah I have ever witnessed, Karen’s friend made her way through the crowd with a glass of water for the bride. Karen took just a moment to hydrate and then got back to the most joyful and energetic circle dancing I’ve ever seen.  A few minutes later, the bride was presented with another glass of water, from which she dutifully took a few sips.

And then it all became clear to me.  This wasn’t a random act of kindness by a sweet friend.  It seemed to be part of the tradition in which Karen and Baruch were treated like royalty.  At one point, the couple was seated while individual groups entertained them with previously rehearsed dances and skits.  Guests knelt down before the groom so that he may lean back in his chair and put up his feet.  People were fanning the couple with napkins and even carried them to their dinner table when the horah was over.  I turned to the mother of the bride and said “That makes me want to do my wedding over again!”

Karen and Baruch, thank you for inviting me to be part of your incredible wedding day.  From the moment I met you at your engagement shoot, you were so relaxed and inviting.  You are one of the sweetest and most laid back couples I’ve ever met, and you have a love that is so pure and hearts that are so kind.  You make me proud to be Jewish, and I know you will continue our faith and traditions with integrity and heart.  Mazal Tov to you both!

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Venue: Congregation Keter Torah

Catering: Five Star Caterers

Flowers: Mimulo

Bride's shoes:  Paradox London Pink

A Windy, Wintry NYC Engagement Shoot - Mila & Aaron

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NYC Engagement Shoot

“And that is why I’m marrying her,” Aaron said with a broad smile. “That is reason number three hundred sixty eight why I’m marrying her,” he corrected himself as he pulled Mila closer into him.

The truth is, it was freezing cold.  The weather reports said it would be slightly chilly, and the day had been quite nice, but all of a sudden, right when we started our golden hour engagement shoot, the freezing winds picked up and were absolutely relentless.

But Mila, with exposed legs and only a thin dress underneath her coat, had a smile on her face and was totally game for our shoot.  Even though she had substantially less layers than everyone else, she wasn’t about to let some freezing wind dampen her spirits.  And that is reason three hundred sixty eight why Aaron is marrying her.

Mila and Aaron’s engagement session spanned the Whitney Museum, where they had their first kiss, and the Highline, where they had their second date. We also had some pit stops for coffee and warmth, and I was in photographer’s heaven when Mila and Aaron ducked into a furniture store for warmth and continued to cuddle and smize through the window (see below).

Mila and Aaron, you two are a dream!!  If we can have this much fun and get such beautiful photos during the freezing cold January, I can only imagine what your wedding will be like in April.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…  I’m obsessed with you two!!!

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Update: Check out Mila and Aaron's wedding here!

Rainy Winter Wedding at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park - NYC - Tina Marie & Brian

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“It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow.” We were at the rehearsal dinner going over some last details for the wedding the next day.

Without skipping a beat, Tina Marie responded matter-of-factly “Oh, that’s good luck.”

The truth is, rain on your wedding day is only good luck if you say it’s good luck. If you say it’s a disaster, a bummer, an inconvenience, it could be any one of those things, too. For Tina Marie, there was no question. Rain on her wedding day was good luck. Because she said so.

The next day, Tina Marie and Brian said a lot of things. They said they would love each other for all time. They said they would care for each other, and for Tina Marie’s eight-year-old daughter, through sickness and through health. They said they would treat each other with respect and admiration. And because they said those things, they would be the truth.

These two lucked out with a snowy engagement shoot, and on their wedding day, it did indeed rain all day. Except, as luck would have it, for the hour that we were scheduled to take portraits outside.

Tina Marie and Brian, you two have my heart. I love that this was a family wedding of sorts, with Adriana taking part in many of the traditions usually reserved for the bride and groom. Your welcoming and positive spirits drove this entire process, and I couldn’t be luckier to have been a part of it. Enjoy this sneak peek of wedding day photos!

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Venue: The Loeb Boathouse

Getting Ready venue: Park Lane Hotel

Officiant: Father Joel Daniels

Flowers and Decor: Crest Florist

Dress: Pronovias

Tina Marie's shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Brian's jacket: Armani

Pants: Dunhill London

Tie: Hermes

Brian's shoes: Allen Edmonds

Cuff links: Cartier

Hair and Makeup: DreamDry

Rings: Tiffany and Co

Metropolitan Museum of Art Engagement Session - NYC - Karen and Baruch

Metropolitan Museum of Art Engagement - NYC - Karen and Baruch

Karen and Baruch’s engagement session was unique to me for three main reasons.

For one, it’s indoors. We had planned to shoot outside at the beautiful Fort Tryon Park, but then we got thrown a curve ball. It was 12 degrees outside. We opted to shoot in the Metropolitan Museum, which was fine by me! Beautiful natural light, heat, and a fun, iconic setting for these museum lovers.

The second thing that sets this shoot apart is that Karen and Baruch will be saving all the hand holding, embracing, and sweet kisses for the photos after their wedding ceremony. No touching during this engagement shoot!

The third, and most important, thing that stands out about this shoot is that none of that matters. Karen and Baruch’s connection goes beyond the cold, beyond location, beyond touch. These two are so lit up to be around each other; they’re so full of smiles, affection, and easy conversation. Within minutes, I felt like I had known them forever, and although they claim they hardly take any photos, they were so immediately relaxed and authentic with each other and with me.

Karen and Baruch, I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding with you this coming weekend. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek!

Sunrise NYC Engagement Session at Carl Schurz Park - Amber & David

NYC Engagement Photos-1.jpg

When Amber and David stepped out of the Uber at 7 am and 27 degrees, I was smitten.  Not only were they awake, they were full of giddy laughter, and they looked like a million bucks.

Honestly, before I even met them that morning, I was slightly obsessed. They were only going to be in NYC for a few days, and because of our conflicting schedules, I suggested doing a sunrise engagement shoot. To my surprise and delight, they enthusiastically agreed!

Before even knowing them, I knew so much about this couple. I knew they were willing to trust. I knew they were excited about going the extra mile. And I knew that they were the kinds of people who gave it their all.

Amber and David, we shared one freezing cold early morning together, and it’s only fitting that you two were so full of warmth and vivacity. Amber, your laugh and zest for life is obvious and completely infectious. David, your support and commitment to Amber is so clear and inspiring. I am thrilled for you both on your engagement, and I am happy to know you. Enjoy this sneak peek!