Central Park Engagement - NYC - Caitlen and Matthew

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Central Park Engagement Photo Shoot Session NYC Wedding Photographer Fall-10.jpg

I’ve known Caitlen for many years, and she’s always been a light, a joy, a completely authentic energy that is inspiring to be around. I first met her when I was hired to go to Coastal Carolina University to take headshots for all the senior theater majors. My 45-minute shoot with Caitlen is still so memorable to me, as she was so sweet and bubbly yet grounded at the same time.

We did another round of headshots a few years after she moved to New York City, and we also hung out socially (although not enough!!). When she contacted me about taking her engagement photos, I was giddy at the prospect of shooting with her again, and I was also looking forward to meeting the guy that was lucky enough to be marrying this beautiful soul.

Matthew, I have to say that your sweetness and kindness make me so happy. Your love for Caitlen is so apparent and is so obviously grounded in respect and admiration. She has always been able to light up the camera, but your presence makes her shine even brighter.

Caitlen and Matthew, I’m so happy for you both! Our sunrise engagement shoot was everything I hoped it would be, and I’m so excited to share this sneak peek with you. Enjoy!! :D

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