NYC City Hall Wedding - New York Elopement - Christine and Steve

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How did Christine and Steve pick their wedding date? They waited for an inspired moment.

These two got engaged 7 years ago and knew that they would tie the knot when something spoke to them. They planned a trip to visit New York from their home in the UK, and only after buying the plane tickets did they decide that they’d love to elope at City Hall. They didn’t tell a soul (until afterwards of course), and I was their legal witness.

Christine and Steve, you are the reason that I love my job so much. To be invited into such an intimate experience is truly an honor, and I don’t take it lightly that you trusted me not only to photograph your wedding but to insert my person into your experience. The love between you two is so evident, and I’m thrilled to present you with this sneak peek from your New York City elopement. Enjoy!

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Venue: Office of the City Clerk of New York - Marriage Bureau

New York City Hall Wedding - NYC Photographer - Annabel and Richard

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I actually shed a few happy tears as Annabel was proclaimed the “star of the show” on Masterchef UK. It was as if she was my good friend, but the truth is that we had never met in person. Annabel found me on Instagram, and she and Richard thought I’d be the perfect fit to photograph their elopement in New York City when they visited from the UK.

For the entire year leading up to their wedding, Annabel and I liked each others’ posts, watched each others’ stories, sent each other plenty of DMs, and basically felt like we were becoming good friends, despite having never met or even spoken. When this bride-to-be had her big star turn on TV, I was already totally invested, and the love-fest heightened.

When I finally met Annabel and Richard on the morning of their wedding, it was like being reunited with old friends. Richard was the warm and friendly, quietly confident gentleman that I saw online, and Annabel was that firecracker with a heart of gold that I got to know from TV and DMs.

Not only did I photograph their wedding, but I was also their only guest and the witness to their marriage. The most important thing I witnessed was the consistent respect, love, and admiration with which these two treat each other.

Annie and Richard, it was an absolute joy getting to spend that magical day in New York City with you two. I love that you are so easy to laugh and that you also thrive on the dramatic photos that were so much fun to capture. You two are stars. Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you enjoy these sneak peek photos!

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NYC Engagement Photo Shoot - Central Park Conservatory Garden - Evan and Marc

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A word to the wise: Don’t try to have a photo shoot in Central Park Conservatory Garden without a permit.

Thankfully, we had done our due diligence and were able to show the required permit the three separate times we were asked. And we were also able to laugh about it.

Evan and Marc, it was an absolute joy to frolic around the garden with the two of you. Your style, your ease, and your humor made me feel like we’ve been friends for years, and I’m so excited for your wedding in September. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Central Park Engagement - NYC - Dev and Jarrad

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NYC Central Park Engagement Session Shoot Wedding Photographer-3.jpg

Dev and Jarrad, you two lit up Central Park. The ease with which you make each other laugh and smile and feel loved is inspiring. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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He Said Yes - NYC Proposal and Central Park Engagement - Luke and Ben

“Hi David it's Luke, today is the day!!!!”

Yes, indeed. The day had finally arrived, and as Luke and I texted about our plans, I could sense the adrenaline, the excitement, the nerves.

Luke and Ben, visiting New York City from their home in the United Kingdom, planned to stop into the Nintendo store since Ben is a huge gamer and has wanted to visit the flagship store for years. Luke knows that he could have proposed anywhere, but he wanted to do it somewhere that would mean a lot to Ben… and somewhere he might not see it coming!

Luke and Ben, I am SO thrilled for the two of you! Your joy and your love is absolutely contagious! I don’t think you came down once during the few hours we spent together. I’m honored that I was able to share this incredible moment with the two of you, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from your proposal and engagement session! Congratulations!!!

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Central Park Engagement - NYC - Caroline and Michael

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I’ve known Caroline for eight years, and my husband has known her for even longer. She’s one of the most loving and generous and super-fun people, and it made me so happy to finally meet her fiance Michael at their engagement shoot! (They live in Virginia now or I certainly would have met him sooner.)

I love that Caroline and Michael met at a wedding where she was the maid of honor and he was a groomsman… and they were paired together during all of the photos! It’s so wonderful that the next time they walk down the aisle, it will be at their own wedding.

Caroline and Michael, enjoy these photos from your Central Park engagement shoot! I am so thrilled for you, and I love you.

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Hair and makeup: Who Does Your Makeup by Pamela Bob

Caroline’s dress: Rent the Runway

Central Park Engagement - NYC - Caitlen and Matthew

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I’ve known Caitlen for many years, and she’s always been a light, a joy, a completely authentic energy that is inspiring to be around. I first met her when I was hired to go to Coastal Carolina University to take headshots for all the senior theater majors. My 45-minute shoot with Caitlen is still so memorable to me, as she was so sweet and bubbly yet grounded at the same time.

We did another round of headshots a few years after she moved to New York City, and we also hung out socially (although not enough!!). When she contacted me about taking her engagement photos, I was giddy at the prospect of shooting with her again, and I was also looking forward to meeting the guy that was lucky enough to be marrying this beautiful soul.

Matthew, I have to say that your sweetness and kindness make me so happy. Your love for Caitlen is so apparent and is so obviously grounded in respect and admiration. She has always been able to light up the camera, but your presence makes her shine even brighter.

Caitlen and Matthew, I’m so happy for you both! Our sunrise engagement shoot was everything I hoped it would be, and I’m so excited to share this sneak peek with you. Enjoy!! :D

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