DUMBO Engagement Photo Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Lauren and Justin

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DUMBO Brooklyn Engagement Shoot NYC Wedding Photographer New York_6a.jpg

Lauren and Justin, you two radiate joy, and I had such a great time smiling and laughing along with you. What bliss! I had the BEST time at our engagement session, and I’m even more excited about your wedding than I was before. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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DUMBO Loft Wedding - Brooklyn Bridge, NYC - Amanda and Derek

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DUMBO Loft Wedding Brooklyn Bridge NYC New York City Photographer_62.jpg

Amanda and Derek are rock stars. Actually.

While this may be the literal truth, these two are also rock stars in the figurative sense. They have an uncapped passion for life, they are edgy without being unapproachable, and they strike the perfect balance between being awesomely cool and so completely warm.

Amanda and Derek, I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me into your world on your wedding day. I loved that you two were so present, so busy having fun, and so passionately in the moment. It was refreshing how much freedom you gave me and how much you trusted me with your memories. Your ability to let go and have a blast is matched only by the grounded and deeply rooted love and respect you clearly have for each other. You’re inspiring!

Your wedding was a blast, and I’m excited to send along this sneak peek of photos. Enjoy!

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Reception venue: DUMBO Loft

Getting ready venue: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Ceremony venue: Pebble beach

Coordinator: MFM Transmedia

Caterer: Amoraco

Officiant: Valerie Romanoff

Florist: T. Marie Florals

Band: Almost Famous

Hair: Dee Kosia

Makeup: Aisha Campbell


Amanda’s shoes:

Suit: J. Mueser

Bridesmaid’s dresses:

Groomsmen’s suits: Topman



DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Camille and Dan

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DUMBO Engagement Session NYC Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Phooto Shoot

Camille and Dan, your engagement session was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. I love that you brought an awesome playlist with you, I love that you love to dance, I love that you’re high school sweethearts, I love that you didn’t have an outfit change but you *did* have a shoe change. And most of all, I love the way you two fit together.

I feel like I’ve known the two of you forever, and I am seriously beyond excited for your wedding in May. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Emily and Dylan

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DUMBO Engagement Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer-11.jpg

“Don’t let this guy go. He’s important.”

That’s what Emily heard in her head moments after meeting Dylan at Chicken Sh*t Bingo at a bar in Austin, Texas. If that sentence left your mind blown… I felt the same way as Emily and Dylan were recounting the awesomely exciting story of how they met.

First of all, Chicken Sh*t Bingo is apparently a thing in Austin (and I’m convinced it should become widespread!) where there’s a big bingo board, and if a chicken poops on your number… you win! More importantly, it was being played at the bar where Emily and Dylan met. Although she was visiting from her home in Brooklyn, Emily listened to that voice in her head. She said she’d never had that feeling before or since.

Now, the two live together in Brooklyn, and I’m so excited to have become part of their journey!!

Emily and Dylan, it was incredible to meet you two, and I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. The two of you lit each other up and were so loving and adorable that my job literally just became pushing a button on my camera. Your love and goodness is infectious, and I’m so looking forward to your wedding in June!!

Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot! :)

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1 Hotel / Bison and Bourbon Wedding - DUMBO Brooklyn - Shira and Jason

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Wedding Bison and Bourbon NYC DUMBO Photographer

How can two people be so chill and calm and also be the life of the party?

Shira and Jason, your wedding was magical in so many ways. You achieved your goal of having an epically celebratory dance party (I personally could not stay off the dance floor), and it was elevated because at the center of it was a union that is so clearly right.

While the big dance party was so perfect for you, so was the intimate ceremony where your parents stood under the chuppah with you as you became husband and wife. Your love is so effortless and so constant, and I could not be happier for you both. Mazal tov!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos from your wedding day!

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Wedding planner: Life by Laura

Officiant: Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Venue/Caterer: Bison & Bourbon

Shira’s dress: Dessy

Shira’s shoes: Stuart Wetizman

Shira’s jewelry: Kenneth Jay Lane

Jason’s suit: Enzo Custom

Jason’s shoes: Johnston & Murphy

Rings: E C Jewelers

Hair and Makeup: beGlammed

Band/DJ: Jay McElfresh Events

Florist: Manhattan Garden

Stationer: Paper Culture

Magnets: Magnetic Memories

Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos - DUMBO - Sarah and Matt

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session Photographer DUMBO Sunrise

“Can we be friends after the wedding?” Sarah asked at the end of our shoot.


Sarah and Matt, I’m so glad we finally met and had our epic sunrise Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot with flowers and champagne! I had so much fun with the two of you, and if you’re this much fun at sunrise, I can only imagine what you’re like when the sun goes down!! Cannot wait to find out at the wedding!

As obsessed as I am with your super charming playfulness, what stood out to me most about our time together was the quiet way you two seamlessly complement each other. Both of you are effortlessly kind and generous, and your relationship is only able to be so much fun because of the deep respect you have for each other.

I feel honored to know you both, and I am beyond excited for the wedding. For now, enjoy this sneak peek from our engagement shoot!

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DUMBO Brooklyn Heights Promenade Anniversary Session - Summer and Paul

DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Heights Promenade Anniversary Photo Shoot Session NYC Wedding Photographer-16.jpg

“Did you get married when you were 12??”

That was the second question (after “Hiii how are you?”) that I asked Summer and Paul when I met them at the start of our anniversary photo shoot.  I knew that they were on a trip to New York from Arizona (without the kids!) to celebrate their 20-year wedding anniversary.  It turns out, they weren’t 12 when they got married, but clearly marriage has kept them young.

Summer and Paul, I had a blast trouncing around Brooklyn with the two of you.  Your energy is refreshing, and you two are so easy and fun.  I’m glad that karma blessed us with a glorious sunset! Summer, the fact that you’re a photographer whose work I greatly admire (cough cough cough cough) makes me feel so honored that you chose me to photograph this very special moment in your lives.

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage to you both!  Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot.  :)

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