DUMBO Brooklyn Heights Promenade Anniversary Session - Summer and Paul

DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Heights Promenade Anniversary Photo Shoot Session NYC Wedding Photographer-16.jpg

“Did you get married when you were 12??”

That was the second question (after “Hiii how are you?”) that I asked Summer and Paul when I met them at the start of our anniversary photo shoot.  I knew that they were on a trip to New York from Arizona (without the kids!) to celebrate their 20-year wedding anniversary.  It turns out, they weren’t 12 when they got married, but clearly marriage has kept them young.

Summer and Paul, I had a blast trouncing around Brooklyn with the two of you.  Your energy is refreshing, and you two are so easy and fun.  I’m glad that karma blessed us with a glorious sunset! Summer, the fact that you’re a photographer whose work I greatly admire (cough cough cough cough) makes me feel so honored that you chose me to photograph this very special moment in your lives.

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage to you both!  Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot.  :)

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Deity Events NYC Wedding - Brooklyn - Olivia and Tao

Deity Events NYC Wedding Brooklyn Photographer New York City

Tao’s voice started breaking as he read his vows, Olivia was wiping away tears from her eyes, and I was struggling to hold back tears from behind the camera. I couldn’t understand a word of the language he was speaking, and yet I could totally understand his intentions.

Tao is a very intelligent man, and I’m sure his vows were full of beautiful words, and I’m not pretending that it didn’t matter what those words were. But the way he looked at her, the way his voice started quivering, the way he choked up as he tried to speak — these all showed me that he loves this woman with all his heart and that he was honored to be marrying her.

Olivia, you absolutely blew me away with your kindness and your trust. It’s clear that you wanted this day to be wonderful, and while you’re a natural leader, you were perfectly willing to look to me and follow my lead when it came to the photos. Thank you for this! It’s also clear how much you love Tao. The way he could so easily light up your face and break you into a smile or laugh was a joy to experience.

Olivia and Tao, I am so honored you invited me to celebrate and photograph your wedding day. Your love has that rare quality that feels so light, so joyful, so full of laughs, and yet also clearly runs so deep. You are a picture perfect pair, and your wedding day was a dream. Congratulations!!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos!

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Venue: Deity Events

Olivia's dress: David's Bridal

Olivia's shoes: Keds - Kate Spade

Tao's suit:

Tao's cuff links:

Tao's shoes: Cole Haan

Tao's bowtie: Luonan



Flowers: Tao's parents

Cake: Taipan Bakery

Videographer: Le Image

DJ: DJ Trauma - Jamal

Officiant: James Rorimer

City Hall & Upper Story Wedding - NYC- Jen and Ben

City Hall Upper Story Wedding NYC Photographer

There was a subtle shift when Jen and Ben were reunited during their first look (the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day). Sometimes the moment is big, full of boisterous laughter; sometimes it’s small, full of tender tears. With Jen and Ben, the moment was subtle, and the impact was far more powerful when taken in context.

Once the two were together, there was this one-ness, this calm sense of teamwork that felt so natural, as if the two were always on the same wavelength. As with all weddings, there were exciting moments, ups and downs, laughter and tears. But what struck me most was in the moments of quiet between Jen and Ben; there was a persistent and palpable frequency always running between the two of them.

Jen told me on our very first phone call that once she finally went and met Ben for their first date, “that was the end.” They were together every day and every night from that point. After sharing their wedding day with them, that makes perfect sense.

Jen and Ben, you know I’m totally in love with you two. I love that your wedding was not about your wedding; it was about your union. I’m so honored that I got to document your day, and more than that, I feel so lucky to now be in your lives.

Enjoy this sneak peek.  :)

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Ceremony Venue: City Clerk's Office - Marriage Bureau

Reception Venue: Upper Story

Caterer: Charlie Palmer

Jen's dress: Catherine Dean

Jen's jacket: Rachel Zoe

Jen's shoes: Badgley Mischka

Ben's suit: Brooks Brothers

Ben's shoes: Cole Haan

Ben's belt: Hugo Boss

Rings: Diamonds by Siag

Hair: Richard O Sullivan at Mure Salon NYC

Makeup: Jaimie Z

Florist: Windsor Florist

Cake: Butterfly Bake Shop

Cake topper: Etsy

Stationer: Shutterfly

Central Park Engagement Session - NYC - Sophia and Mike

Central Park Engagement NYC Wedding Photographer-23.jpg

“I love them. Oh my goodness, I love them,” I kept repeating to my assistant Andrew.

I’m trying to not make this post all about me and how smitten I am with Sophia and Mike, but the truth is, they are irresistible.

Mike, I love the way you look at Sophia with so much care and admiration that you exude a sense of safety and comfort. Sophia, I love that you could hardly stop yourself from quietly giggling as Mike held you close. The bond that you two share is palpable, and I can hardly wait for you to become man and wife in less than two weeks!

In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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ink48 Rooftop Surprise Birthday Party - NYC - Yuval David

ink48 Rooftop Surprise Birthday Party NYC Wedding Photographer

"May the world treat you the way you treat the world."

Spoken by Yuval's mother Ziva Cohen, these words already seem to be coming true. To say that Yuval is loved is an understatement. And clearly, that love is a direct response to what he puts into the world.

Yuval's surprise Birthday party at the picturesque rooftop of ink48 was put together with love by his husband Mark. (You may remember the two from their flash-mob marriage proposal that went viral a few years ago!) Over a hundred of their closest friends and family surprised the birthday boy (he was very, very surprised), and I couldn't help but notice how much laughter there was throughout the night. Planner Jason Mitchell Kahn arranged an awe-inspiring magician Magic Mike and a perfectly tuned-in DJ Colleen Crumbcake from Sugartown Industries. The night was a blast!

Yuval, your energy is infectious, and it's no surprise that your party was full of radiantly joyful people. Mark, you put together a glorious party that was worthy of the birthday boy. I wish you two many more years of love and laughs. Happy Birthday Yuval!

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Birthday Boy: Yuval David

Photography: David Perlman Photography

Venue: Kimpton ink48 Hotel

Planner: Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co

DJ: DJ Colleen Crumbcake with Sugartown Industries

Magician: Magic Mike

Central Park Engagement Session - NYC - Kellie and Marshall

Central Park NYC Engagement Photo Session Shoot Wedding Photography Photographer

“And then right here, I started to hear people singing.”

Kellie was re-telling the story of how Marshall proposed to her in Central Park after the two “coincidentally” “stumbled upon” a choir singing the Gilmore Girls theme song. (naturally) The two followed the sound of music (which of course Marshall had organized) and found themselves in a little enclave surrounded by trees.  The choir finished, and Marshall tapped Kellie on the shoulder. She turned around to see him down on one knee with an engagement ring in hand.

Kellie and Marshall, it was a dream to relive your engagement story and to take some photos in the very location of the proposal! I so enjoyed bopping around Central Park with the two of you. Not only did you make my job easy, but your love and playfulness with each other is inspiring. So excited for the wedding!

In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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Lincoln Center Engagement Photos - NYC - Adrian and Michael

Lincoln Center Engagement NYC-10.jpg

Being invited into someone's life is such an honor, and it's part of the reason I love my job so much.

Adrian and Michael wanted to keep their engagement shoot casual, relaxed, and authentic to them. They invited me into their everyday life, and we spent our time together doing activities that they love to share with each other. We started out in their apartment with homemade cocktails and cuddles with their adorable chihuahuas before hopping into a cab to Lincoln Center for a nice, romantic jaunt in the golden hour sunlight.

Adrian and Michael, you two are a breath of fresh air. Your love for each other is so easy and so obvious, and I can't wait to celebrate your wedding day with you.

Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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