Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos - DUMBO - Sarah and Matt

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Engagement Photo Shoot Session Photographer DUMBO Sunrise

“Can we be friends after the wedding?” Sarah asked at the end of our shoot.


Sarah and Matt, I’m so glad we finally met and had our epic sunrise Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot with flowers and champagne! I had so much fun with the two of you, and if you’re this much fun at sunrise, I can only imagine what you’re like when the sun goes down!! Cannot wait to find out at the wedding!

As obsessed as I am with your super charming playfulness, what stood out to me most about our time together was the quiet way you two seamlessly complement each other. Both of you are effortlessly kind and generous, and your relationship is only able to be so much fun because of the deep respect you have for each other.

I feel honored to know you both, and I am beyond excited for the wedding. For now, enjoy this sneak peek from our engagement shoot!

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Deity Events NYC Wedding - Brooklyn - Olivia and Tao

Deity Events NYC Wedding Brooklyn Photographer New York City

Tao’s voice started breaking as he read his vows, Olivia was wiping away tears from her eyes, and I was struggling to hold back tears from behind the camera. I couldn’t understand a word of the language he was speaking, and yet I could totally understand his intentions.

Tao is a very intelligent man, and I’m sure his vows were full of beautiful words, and I’m not pretending that it didn’t matter what those words were. But the way he looked at her, the way his voice started quivering, the way he choked up as he tried to speak — these all showed me that he loves this woman with all his heart and that he was honored to be marrying her.

Olivia, you absolutely blew me away with your kindness and your trust. It’s clear that you wanted this day to be wonderful, and while you’re a natural leader, you were perfectly willing to look to me and follow my lead when it came to the photos. Thank you for this! It’s also clear how much you love Tao. The way he could so easily light up your face and break you into a smile or laugh was a joy to experience.

Olivia and Tao, I am so honored you invited me to celebrate and photograph your wedding day. Your love has that rare quality that feels so light, so joyful, so full of laughs, and yet also clearly runs so deep. You are a picture perfect pair, and your wedding day was a dream. Congratulations!!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos!

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Venue: Deity Events

Olivia's dress: David's Bridal

Olivia's shoes: Keds - Kate Spade

Tao's suit:

Tao's cuff links:

Tao's shoes: Cole Haan

Tao's bowtie: Luonan



Flowers: Tao's parents

Cake: Taipan Bakery

Videographer: Le Image

DJ: DJ Trauma - Jamal

Officiant: James Rorimer

Central Park Engagement Session - NYC - Sophia and Mike

Central Park Engagement NYC Wedding Photographer-23.jpg

“I love them. Oh my goodness, I love them,” I kept repeating to my assistant Andrew.

I’m trying to not make this post all about me and how smitten I am with Sophia and Mike, but the truth is, they are irresistible.

Mike, I love the way you look at Sophia with so much care and admiration that you exude a sense of safety and comfort. Sophia, I love that you could hardly stop yourself from quietly giggling as Mike held you close. The bond that you two share is palpable, and I can hardly wait for you to become man and wife in less than two weeks!

In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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Lincoln Center Engagement Photos - NYC - Adrian and Michael

Lincoln Center Engagement NYC-10.jpg

Being invited into someone's life is such an honor, and it's part of the reason I love my job so much.

Adrian and Michael wanted to keep their engagement shoot casual, relaxed, and authentic to them. They invited me into their everyday life, and we spent our time together doing activities that they love to share with each other. We started out in their apartment with homemade cocktails and cuddles with their adorable chihuahuas before hopping into a cab to Lincoln Center for a nice, romantic jaunt in the golden hour sunlight.

Adrian and Michael, you two are a breath of fresh air. Your love for each other is so easy and so obvious, and I can't wait to celebrate your wedding day with you.

Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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Times Square Engagement Photos - NYC - Olivia & Tao

Times Square Engagement Session Photos Shoot NYC Wedding Photographer

Having lived in NYC for 19 years, I can't remember the last time I traipsed around Times Square, laughing and giggling the entire time.

Olivia and Tao, your zest for life is absolutely infectious! You are both somehow so high in the sky and yet so grounded and down to earth. The lights of Times Square are certainly bright, but somehow your smiles are brighter! I'm so excited to photograph your wedding later this month. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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East Hampton Backyard Wedding - Mila and Aaron

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NYC Wedding Photographer East Hampton New York City Hamptons

That was the most moving last kiss I ever saw.

You read that right.  Not the first kiss as husband and wife, but the last kiss as fiances.

During their incredibly moving, joyful, and emotional ceremony, Mila and Aaron read vows that they had written themselves.  Mila was first, and she read her heartfelt vows in English and then again in Russian so that her friends and family, who had flown in from Russia, could more easily understand.  And because the words in Russian could be so deeply felt and experienced by Mila and her family.

Then Aaron read his vows in English.  And to everyone’s surprise and delight, he read them again in Russian, a language that he is still working to master.  It was a beautiful tribute to his bride and her family.  A perfect metaphor for the thoughtfulness and devotion that he undoubtedly will be putting into this marriage.

Immediately following his Russian vows, Mila couldn’t help herself.  She grabbed Aaron in a tight embrace for a big, celebratory kiss.  It wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t part of the wedding ceremony script.  But it was perfect, authentic, and it summed up this beautiful couple and their joyful wedding day.

Mila and Aaron, I am so grateful that you brought me into your life to celebrate and photograph your wedding.  Your love for each other is clear, and it is so well balanced between the playful and the passionate.  I wish for you many more joyful days and many more unplanned kisses.  Congratulations!

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Officiant: Dmitry Mironenko

Mila's dress: White by Vera Wang

Mila's shoes: Vince Camuto

Mila's jewelry: Ti Adoro

Mila's nails: Bisou

Mila's accessories: Jason Wu

Aaron's suit: Suit Supply

Aaron's watch: Rolex

Flowers & Decor: Sisters' Design

Chef: Sergey Dushkov

Cake:  A Simple Cake

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She Said Yes! - Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Proposal in NYC - Michael and Nikki

Michael and Nikki, congratulations!!  I was honored to be able to spend this very special moment with you.  Your love can clearly make the rain stop and make the birds start singing.  Michael, you did great!  And Nikki, your smile can light up the world.  Together, you are unstoppable.  Congratulations!!!  This happened!!

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