501 Union Wedding - Brooklyn NYC - Lisa and Peter

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501 Union Wedding Brooklyn Photographer NYC New York

Lisa and Peter, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. It’s so clear that you are best best friends, that you make each other better, that you are a perfect pair. Thank you for treating me with such kindness, like I was part of the family. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your journey and for allowing me to experience such joy right alongside you. I’m so excited to share with you a sneak peek of photos from your wedding. Enjoy!

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Venue: 501 Union

Planner: Lovely Event Planning

Peter’s getting ready venue: EVEN Hotel Brooklyn

Florist: Quinn Florist

Hair and Makeup: Truly Happy Beauty

Dress: Sottero and Midgley

Lisa’s shoes: Christian Siriano

DJ: Elegant Music Group

Officiant: Matt Summers

Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals

Cake: Empire Cake

Dessert: Billy’s Bakery and Pasticceria Monteleone

Videographer: NST Pictures

NYC Engagement - Carl Schurz Park and West Village at Sunrise - Casey and Jeff

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NYC Engagement Photos New York Wedding Photographer-2.jpg

I have a special appreciation for couples that are willing to do sunrise shoots. The light is gorgeous, and the New York City streets are empty. Casey and Jeff were not only willing… they were excited for our adventure!

We caught the beautiful sunrise near their home at Carl Schurz Park before heading to the West Village to Aria Wine Bar, where they had their first date. :)

Casey and Jeffrey, I love how easy you are to laugh, even at 6 in the morning. Your energy is absolutely contagious, and I cannot wait to see your wedding photos!!! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Rainey Park Engagement - Astoria Queens NYC - Jessy and Dart

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Astoria Engagement Photo Session Shoot Rainey Park Wedding Photographer Queens NYC New York City-11.jpg

Jessy and Dart, it was so wonderful to finally meet you in person! It’s clear that your love runs so deep, and I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding day with you… next month! Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session. :)

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Southernmost Beach Resort Wedding - Key West, FL - Jamie and Garrett

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Southernmost Beach Resort Key West Wedding Photographer-106.jpg

Tattoos and marriage: two things that are forever. And two things that Jamie and Garrett share from one specific spot on our favorite island in the world.

A few weeks before their wedding, Jamie and Garrett got tattoos of the coordinates of the exact spot where they would say their wedding vows. These two don’t do things halfway. They approach things fully and with a huge sense of fun.

Jamie and Garrett, the experience of shooting your wedding in Key West has truly been a dream come true. Your excitement for the day has been infectious, and your sense of fun and joy at the wedding was palpable. More than all of that, the commitment you two have to each other is inspiring. Jamie, your exciting energy can put a smile on anyone’s face. Garrett, just being around you makes others feel calm and at peace. It’s so amazing to see how you bring out certain qualities in each other; your connection is seamless and makes everyone around you better.

I am so happy for the two of you and so honored that I was able to be part of this journey. Thank you for being my first Key West wedding couple! I love that we have a mutual obsession with this magical place, and your wedding will always be a landmark for me. Congratulations on your marriage, and enjoy this sneak peek of photos!

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Venue: Southernmost Beach Resort

Planner: Family Affair Key West

Florist: Love in Bloom Florist

Hair/Makeup: Key West Wedding Hair and Makeup Artistry

Dress: Louvienne

Jamie’s shoes: Badgley Mischka

Jamie’s jewelry: Sunshine Daydream

Suits: Calvin Klein

Garrett’s shoes: Johnston and Murphy

Garrett’s tie: David Donahue

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Lulu’s

DJ: SoundWave Key West

Officiant: James Wells

Rentals and Lighting: Prestige Party Rentals

Stationer: Ann's Bridal Bargains

Signage: Etsy

Cake: Key West Cakes

NYC City Hall Wedding - New York City - Jenn and Owen

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NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer New York-27.jpg

Jenn and Owen, you’re married!! I feel honored that I got to be with you and your family as you became husband and wife at City Hall. I’m so happy for you two, and I’m looking forward to part two in Tuscany!! Enjoy this sneak peek from your wedding day!

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He Said Yes - NYC Proposal and Central Park Engagement - Luke and Ben

“Hi David it's Luke, today is the day!!!!”

Yes, indeed. The day had finally arrived, and as Luke and I texted about our plans, I could sense the adrenaline, the excitement, the nerves.

Luke and Ben, visiting New York City from their home in the United Kingdom, planned to stop into the Nintendo store since Ben is a huge gamer and has wanted to visit the flagship store for years. Luke knows that he could have proposed anywhere, but he wanted to do it somewhere that would mean a lot to Ben… and somewhere he might not see it coming!

Luke and Ben, I am SO thrilled for the two of you! Your joy and your love is absolutely contagious! I don’t think you came down once during the few hours we spent together. I’m honored that I was able to share this incredible moment with the two of you, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from your proposal and engagement session! Congratulations!!!

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The Roundhouse Wedding - Beacon, NY - Douglas and Jason

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The Roundhouse Wedding Beacon NY New York Same Sex Photographer-23.jpg

I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of
And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all this I wish you love
And I will always love you

These words, spoken during a speech at Douglas and Jason’s wedding, were met with both laughter and happy tears. Now, it’s normal for a wedding to contain both laughter and tears, but usually they are alternating, not concurrent. Douglas and Jason, and apparently their friends and family, have the magical ability to be deeply vulnerable and authentic while also being ironic and witty at exactly the same time.

Douglas and Jason, following you around on your wedding day was like getting to be part of one of the funniest and most emotionally satisfying movies that I wish everyone could see. Somehow you don’t take yourselves too seriously, finding the ability to make a joke (that lands) pretty much at any moment, while at the same time, you are completely present to the miracle that you actually found each other and are creating this life together as husbands.

I’m so happy to know you two, and I wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and love.

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Venue and Caterer: The Roundhouse

Planner: Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co.

Florist: Heart and Soil Flowers

DJ: Nate at Terrace DJ

Officiant: Daniel Kane

Lighting: LNJ Tech

Tuxes: Paul Smith

Bow Ties: Brackish

Socks: Happy Socks

Ice Cream Bar: The Beacon Creamery

Stationer: Minted