New York City Engagement Shoot - Upper West Side NYC - Madeline and Jeff

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Madeline and Jeff, you two are so easy and fun and wonderful, and I had an absolute blast walking around the Upper West Side and taking photos with you. It was so special to visit the very spot you met (the 72nd street subway station) and the location of your first date (Levain for the win!). I’m so thankful that you’ve invited me into your lives, and I can hardly wait for your wedding in November. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Upper West Side Engagement - NYC - Douglas and Jason

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Douglas and Jason are not running for office. But they ARE getting married!

Douglas and Jason, I’m so excited for your wedding in mere DAYS! It was so great finally meeting at your engagement shoot, and what I love most about you two is how playful you are. I’m obsessed with the fake running-for-office photos, and I love that you wanted to venture into the subway station for photos in a place you frequent daily. You’re so right: Love is in the everyday activities and places. That’s where it really lives, not just in the once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Enjoy these photos from your engagement shoot, and I’m so super thrilled about your wedding on Saturday!!

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Upper West Side - NYC - Dana and Jeremy

Upper West Side NYC Photographer

“I’m imagining a picture in front of Zabar’s," Dana told me in advance of Dana and Jeremy's Sunday morning Upper West Side photo shoot.

You see, Dana has lived on the Upper West Side for over 10 years; it is her neighborhood, her beloved home. In a month or two, Dana and Jeremy are going to become homeowners in the suburbs, and Dana wanted to have some photos to document their Sunday morning routine.

Dana and Jeremy, it was an absolute pleasure to accompany you to Orwashers, Birdbath, the farmer’s market, and of course Zabar’s. Most often, the most important and impactful decisions we make are bittersweet ones. I am excited for both of you as you move into this exciting new phase! And remember, the Upper West Side will always be here for you on Sunday mornings, and any other time. :)

Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot!

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