NYC Wedding - Michael and Adrian

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NYC Wedding Photographer Standard Highline Church of the Transfiguration Waverly Inn Same Sex

Our chosen family.  That was a big theme at Adrian and Michael’s wedding, as it is a big theme in their lives.

We have the family we’re born with and then the family we choose. Adrian and Michael’s wedding had an underlying current of such strong support and love. It was an energy that quietly hummed along, throughout the entire guest list, adding depth to each and every moment. At the center of it all, these two men seemed to close the loop by becoming each other’s chosen family.

Adrian and Michael, I am so deeply happy for the two of you. You are so acutely aware that now is the only guarantee, and it is beautiful and inspiring to see you living your lives with kindness, respect, and a healthy dose of playfulness. I was honored to capture your wedding day in photos, and I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek!

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Getting Ready Hotel: The Standard High Line

Ceremony Venue: The Church of the Transfiguration

Reception Venue & Caterer: Waverly Inn

Grooms' outfits: Boss

Accessories: West Haus

Adrian's shoes: Pikolinos

Michael's shoes: Mezlan

Deity Events NYC Wedding - Brooklyn - Olivia and Tao

Deity Events NYC Wedding Brooklyn Photographer New York City

Tao’s voice started breaking as he read his vows, Olivia was wiping away tears from her eyes, and I was struggling to hold back tears from behind the camera. I couldn’t understand a word of the language he was speaking, and yet I could totally understand his intentions.

Tao is a very intelligent man, and I’m sure his vows were full of beautiful words, and I’m not pretending that it didn’t matter what those words were. But the way he looked at her, the way his voice started quivering, the way he choked up as he tried to speak — these all showed me that he loves this woman with all his heart and that he was honored to be marrying her.

Olivia, you absolutely blew me away with your kindness and your trust. It’s clear that you wanted this day to be wonderful, and while you’re a natural leader, you were perfectly willing to look to me and follow my lead when it came to the photos. Thank you for this! It’s also clear how much you love Tao. The way he could so easily light up your face and break you into a smile or laugh was a joy to experience.

Olivia and Tao, I am so honored you invited me to celebrate and photograph your wedding day. Your love has that rare quality that feels so light, so joyful, so full of laughs, and yet also clearly runs so deep. You are a picture perfect pair, and your wedding day was a dream. Congratulations!!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos!

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See Olivia and Tao's engagement session here.

Venue: Deity Events

Olivia's dress: David's Bridal

Olivia's shoes: Keds - Kate Spade

Tao's suit:

Tao's cuff links:

Tao's shoes: Cole Haan

Tao's bowtie: Luonan



Flowers: Tao's parents

Cake: Taipan Bakery

Videographer: Le Image

DJ: DJ Trauma - Jamal

Officiant: James Rorimer

East Hampton Backyard Wedding - Mila and Aaron

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NYC Wedding Photographer East Hampton New York City Hamptons

That was the most moving last kiss I ever saw.

You read that right.  Not the first kiss as husband and wife, but the last kiss as fiances.

During their incredibly moving, joyful, and emotional ceremony, Mila and Aaron read vows that they had written themselves.  Mila was first, and she read her heartfelt vows in English and then again in Russian so that her friends and family, who had flown in from Russia, could more easily understand.  And because the words in Russian could be so deeply felt and experienced by Mila and her family.

Then Aaron read his vows in English.  And to everyone’s surprise and delight, he read them again in Russian, a language that he is still working to master.  It was a beautiful tribute to his bride and her family.  A perfect metaphor for the thoughtfulness and devotion that he undoubtedly will be putting into this marriage.

Immediately following his Russian vows, Mila couldn’t help herself.  She grabbed Aaron in a tight embrace for a big, celebratory kiss.  It wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t part of the wedding ceremony script.  But it was perfect, authentic, and it summed up this beautiful couple and their joyful wedding day.

Mila and Aaron, I am so grateful that you brought me into your life to celebrate and photograph your wedding.  Your love for each other is clear, and it is so well balanced between the playful and the passionate.  I wish for you many more joyful days and many more unplanned kisses.  Congratulations!

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Officiant: Dmitry Mironenko

Mila's dress: White by Vera Wang

Mila's shoes: Vince Camuto

Mila's jewelry: Ti Adoro

Mila's nails: Bisou

Mila's accessories: Jason Wu

Aaron's suit: Suit Supply

Aaron's watch: Rolex

Flowers & Decor: Sisters' Design

Chef: Sergey Dushkov

Cake:  A Simple Cake

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SmogShoppe Wedding - LA - Augustus Prew & Jeffery Self

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SmogShoppe Wedding LA Augustus Prew Jeffery Self Same Sex Gay Wedding Los Angeles

“Just have fun. Do your thing!”

It was the shortest consultation phone call I’d ever had, and it seemed to be more for me than it was for them.  On the five minute phone call, Augie and Jeffery invited me to do what I wanted and have fun at the wedding!

During one of the speeches at the wedding, I had a full circle moment.  Amidst some of the most entertaining, hilarious, and emotional speeches I’ve ever experienced (that’s what you get with a room of artists at the top of their field), someone said something that struck a chord with me.  He said that Augie and Jeffery are so authentic that they allow others to show up authentically as well.

I was brought back to our phone call.  The grooms didn’t give me a shot list, didn’t prescribe the types of photos they wanted, they didn’t demand anything or ask a bunch of questions.  They gave me the freedom to show up authentically and do my thing.

Augie and Jeffery, it’s clear to me that the way I was treated - with utmost trust, respect, and support - is the way you treat everyone in your lives.  It’s also clear that your love for each other is rooted at the deepest level of acceptance, support and love.

You are true inspirations in that you don’t inspire others to be like you, you inspire them to be more of themselves.  Thank you for your trust, and enjoy the sneak peek!

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Venue - SmogShoppe

Planner - Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co.

Suits - Mr. Turk

Grooming - Jonathan Van Ness

Officiant - Eric Gilliland

Flowers - Georgiana Johnson & Alexis Di Salvo

Rentals - Town & Country

Cake - Cake and Art

Artwork - Somerset Prew

Food - Border GrillNight + Market

DJ - Micah James

Witchcraft - Miguel Pinzon

Video - Jake Wilson

Prop Masters - Oliver Jackson Cohen & Jim Hansen

Customized games - Etsy

Snowy Central Park Engagement Session - NYC - Tina Marie and Brian

Snowy Central Park Engagement NYC.jpg

Near the very end of our session, as I was putting all my gear back into its bag, and we were warming up from the chilly shoot, I noticed Tina Marie and Brian having some hushed conversation. She walked over to me and made maybe the sweetest invitation I’ve ever heard. “Do you want to bring your husband to the wedding?” My heart absolutely melted.

Even though we had spoken on the phone only once and had just met earlier that day, I feel like I’ve known Tina Marie and Brian forever. They are both so magnetic, warm, and engaging that I feel like I’ve been sucked into this cocoon of friendship and excitement.

Their invitation speaks to their character; they are basically one big walking invitation for fun, love, and inclusion.

Tina Marie and Brian, I cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you, Adriana, and the rest of the gang. The fact that you were as excited about shooting in the snow as I was just makes me that much more excited to get ALL the photos of your big day. I have a feeling it’s going to be just like you two: a big, awesome party with a warm and fuzzy loving center.  Cannot wait!

City Hall Wedding - NYC - Ambe & Marzio

NYC City Hall Wedding

Ambe’s smile is pure joy.

Nothing against the other couples at City Hall that day (and it was bustling!), but the megawatt joy and excitement pouring out of Ambe and Marzio was unmissable. Marzio’s parents were visiting from Italy, so the couple decided a few weeks earlier that it would be a great opportunity to take a trip to NY City Hall to make it official.

Ambe and Marzio, I am truly humbled to have had the opportunity to photograph your infectiously joyful wedding. The fact that you are both photographers that I admire makes your decision to choose me even that much more flattering.

At the end of the day, though, I know it wasn’t the photography that was important to you. (Especially considering I had to talk you into 20 minutes of portraits…. which I’m hoping you don’t regret. :P ) The day wasn’t even about the wedding. The important thing to you both, so clearly, was that you joined together in marriage in the company of your parents.

You are an inspirational couple, so calmly solid and soothing, and with such an access to uninhibited joy and light. It’s amazing that a couple so cool could also be so unapologetically warm. Congratulations to you both; enjoy the sneak peek!

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Ceremony: City Clerk's Office - Marriage Bureau

Dress: Halston Heritage

Ambe's Shoes: Franco Sarto

Hair: Olithea Anglin

Makeup: Ambe Williams

Ambe's jacket: Calvin Klein

Engagement ring: Family stone. Custom band from Antonacci Gioielli.

Suit: J. Crew

Marzio's Shoes: Dockers

Rings: Unoaerre Italian Jewelry

Flowers: Urban Stems

Restaurant: Dar 525

The Green Building Wedding - Brooklyn - Alysha Umphress & Cody Williams

Green Building Wedding Brooklyn-1.jpg

"Hey, I wanted to pick your brain about maybe photographing our wedding," Alysha said in an audio text message. “But like, also, FULLY say ‘I would rather just be a guest’ and I will be like ‘Absolutely. Understood.’ because, you know, first and foremost you’ll be a guest… I don’t know. Thoughts? Feelings?”

Thoughts:  YES YES YES YES.  Feelings:  joy, excitement, happiness, glee.

Alysha and Cody's wedding, in the words of the bride herself, was “a magical celestial neon galactic dream.” The Monday night affair (that’s the night off for theatre people) had no less than three surprise drag queen performances, two dogs, and an unabashed amount of neon, moons, and stars. True to their hashtag, it was lit AF.

But underneath all the glitter, the evening was, simply, about the joining of two people whose relationship is authentic and inspiring.

Alysha and Cody, thank you for having me as your guest and for trusting me with the honor of photographing one of the most spectacular evenings I’ve ever been a part of. You are two people who are so charming, talented, and driven that you could get away with being not much else. But those things pale in comparison to your kindness, warmth, and generosity. So thrilled for you and Dizzy (the dog). Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Venue:  The Green Building

Wedding Planner: Jason Mitchell Kahn

Officiant: Jeff Blumenkrantz

Decor: The Color Condition

Neon: Name Glo

Dress: Hayley Paige

Shoes: Chiara Ferragni

Suit: Suit Supply

Hair: Billie Aken-Tyers

Makeup: Bryan Campbell-Leavitt

Nails: Paintbox

Alysha's Jewelry and Cody's ring: Catbird

Engagement ring: Phoenix Roze

Alysha's wedding ring: Sofia Zakia

Flowers: Kukka

Sign calligrapher : Michelle Eliza Beatty

Invitation:  GoGoSnap Vintage

Food trucks: Korilla and Chick'n Cone

Dessert: Zac Young and Pineapple Express

Rentals: Broadway Rentals

DJ: 21st Century Sounds - Brian Fitzsimmons

Photo Booth: Dirty Sugar

Videography: Fine By Media

Drag Queen:  Busted