501 Union Wedding - Brooklyn NYC - Lisa and Peter

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501 Union Wedding Brooklyn Photographer NYC New York

Lisa and Peter, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. It’s so clear that you are best best friends, that you make each other better, that you are a perfect pair. Thank you for treating me with such kindness, like I was part of the family. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your journey and for allowing me to experience such joy right alongside you. I’m so excited to share with you a sneak peek of photos from your wedding. Enjoy!

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Venue: 501 Union

Planner: Lovely Event Planning

Peter’s getting ready venue: EVEN Hotel Brooklyn

Florist: Quinn Florist

Hair and Makeup: Truly Happy Beauty

Dress: Sottero and Midgley

Lisa’s shoes: Christian Siriano

DJ: Elegant Music Group

Officiant: Matt Summers

Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals

Cake: Empire Cake

Dessert: Billy’s Bakery and Pasticceria Monteleone

Videographer: NST Pictures

Williamsburg Engagement Photos - Brooklyn NYC - Lisa and Peter

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Williamsburg Engagement Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer Photo Session Shoot-7.jpg

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. What about rain at your engagement shoot?

Lisa and Peter, I loved trouncing around Williamsburg with the two of you looking for overhangs, walking with umbrellas, and eventually just giving in and getting all wet. I think it’s safe to say that rain at your engagement shoot is totally good luck, or in our case, at least it’s a great time!

Enjoy this sneak peek from our shoot, and I’m so excited for the wedding in March!!

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Carroll Gardens Engagement - Brooklyn NYC - Sarah and Jeff

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Carroll Gardens Engagement Photo Shoot Session Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer-12.jpg

This engagement shoot was 8 years in the making…. even though Sarah and Jeff didn’t even know each other 8 years ago.

Sarah and I met in 2010 when we were hired to be flown to Salt Lake City to sing in a concert. The day before we left for the 5-day gig, I bought myself my very first professional quality camera. Needless to say, I took hundreds of pictures on the trip, and Sarah was one of my very first muses.

A few months later, when Sarah was looking for new headshots, she was one of my very first clients.

And when she and Jeff got engaged, I’m flattered that one of her first thoughts in planning the wedding was “David Perlman.”

It was so much fun to once again photograph Sarah during the engagement session! But what I loved most about this shoot was getting to know Jeff and getting to see how well he treats my friend. We all want our friends to end up with someone that we feel is deserving of them, and in this case it warms my heart to see that Sarah and Jeff share an easy-going zest for life and that they treat each other with love, admiration, and respect.

Sarah and Jeff, I’m beyond excited to be on this journey with the two of you. You are so much fun to be around, and I couldn’t be happier that you’re marrying each other and that I get to be along for the ride! Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot!

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Williamsburg and Rough Trade Engagement Session - Brooklyn NYC - Jenn and Scott

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Williamsburg Engagement Shoot Rough Trade NYC Photographer-8.jpg

Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, if your ears are ringing it’s because your two biggest fans are getting married.

Jenn and Scott met partially because of their mutual love of Depeche Mode, so it was only fitting that these two self-described music junkies had their engagement shoot in Rough Trade NYC, Williamsburg’s music and vinyl mecca. Before going into the store, we had a little jaunt in a nearby park.

Jenn and Scott, your love for life is infectious. I loved being around your energy: joyful, excited, and super fun. I cannot wait for the wedding in May!!!!! (Dave, you better be there.)

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DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Camille and Dan

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DUMBO Engagement Session NYC Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Phooto Shoot

Camille and Dan, your engagement session was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. I love that you brought an awesome playlist with you, I love that you love to dance, I love that you’re high school sweethearts, I love that you didn’t have an outfit change but you *did* have a shoe change. And most of all, I love the way you two fit together.

I feel like I’ve known the two of you forever, and I am seriously beyond excited for your wedding in May. Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement session!

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DUMBO Engagement Shoot - Brooklyn NYC - Emily and Dylan

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DUMBO Engagement Brooklyn NYC Wedding Photographer-11.jpg

“Don’t let this guy go. He’s important.”

That’s what Emily heard in her head moments after meeting Dylan at Chicken Sh*t Bingo at a bar in Austin, Texas. If that sentence left your mind blown… I felt the same way as Emily and Dylan were recounting the awesomely exciting story of how they met.

First of all, Chicken Sh*t Bingo is apparently a thing in Austin (and I’m convinced it should become widespread!) where there’s a big bingo board, and if a chicken poops on your number… you win! More importantly, it was being played at the bar where Emily and Dylan met. Although she was visiting from her home in Brooklyn, Emily listened to that voice in her head. She said she’d never had that feeling before or since.

Now, the two live together in Brooklyn, and I’m so excited to have become part of their journey!!

Emily and Dylan, it was incredible to meet you two, and I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. The two of you lit each other up and were so loving and adorable that my job literally just became pushing a button on my camera. Your love and goodness is infectious, and I’m so looking forward to your wedding in June!!

Enjoy this sneak peek from your engagement shoot! :)

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NYC Church Wedding - Brooklyn - Lily and Kevin

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NYC Wedding Photographer New York Brooklyn Church

“I don’t have a dress yet,” Lily told me over the phone. It was a week before the wedding.

The thing is, there was no panic in her voice, no worry, no trouble at all. Instead, there was a playfulness and a sense of ease and joy. Because the dress isn’t what mattered to Lily and Kevin on their wedding day. The truth is, they could have worn paper bags down the aisle, and their generous, caring, loving, beautiful souls would have radiated throughout the church and would have still made everyone weep with joy. (Sidenote: everyone looked impeccable.)

Lily and Kevin, your wedding was so clearly about love and family. Personally, I love that you walked each other down the aisle. It was so moving that your fathers officiated the ceremony as your children stood on the altar with you. The love and support around you was so clearly a reflection of the people that you are.

Congratulations to you both and to your family! Enjoy this sneak peek from your wedding day.

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Ceremony and Luncheon: Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Dinner Reception: Alma

1 Hotel / Bison and Bourbon Wedding - DUMBO Brooklyn - Shira and Jason

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Wedding Bison and Bourbon NYC DUMBO Photographer

How can two people be so chill and calm and also be the life of the party?

Shira and Jason, your wedding was magical in so many ways. You achieved your goal of having an epically celebratory dance party (I personally could not stay off the dance floor), and it was elevated because at the center of it was a union that is so clearly right.

While the big dance party was so perfect for you, so was the intimate ceremony where your parents stood under the chuppah with you as you became husband and wife. Your love is so effortless and so constant, and I could not be happier for you both. Mazal tov!

Enjoy this sneak peek of photos from your wedding day!