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Some things you should know, and why you should care

Thing you should know: I was voted Friendliest my senior year of high school.

Why you should care: Because I’m going to be with you ALL DAY on your wedding. Not to mention I’ll be interacting with all of your guests and your family members, even the ones who might not be so friendly. So like, wouldn’t you want someone who is great with people, genuinely enjoys making others happy, and was actually voted the Friendliest Person?  (Can you tell I’m really proud of this achievement?)

Thing you should know: I used to be an actor on Broadway and on TV.

Why you should care: Here’s the thing. I get that it can be awkward to be in front of a camera. Since I was an actor for much of my life, I'm pretty sensitive to when someone is faking it or is uncomfortable. I’m talking about portraits here. If you don’t look comfortable and connected in your photos, what is the point? Not only am I a stickler for you looking natural, normal, awesome, and authentic in your photos, I have pretty fool-proof ways of getting you there. And I will even make it fun.  :)

Thing you should know: I cry at every wedding.

Why you should care: Because I want you to know that I actually really care about what is going on. Even though I take my job extremely seriously, I don’t consider your wedding an ordinary workplace. I feel truly honored to be part of this intimate, beautiful part of your life. And honestly, that care and passion shows up to your guests, and it shows up in your photos.

Thing you should know: I’m obsessed with my dog Winnie.

Why you should care: Because you probably love dogs, too? Also, if you aren’t into animals, I totally get it. I used to think dogs were dirty, and I never wanted to pet them or be near them. Like, I really didn’t like animals, so I get it. I don’t know how or why, but my husband and I rescued a little dog, and now I’m the most obsessed with all dogs.

Thing you should know: I love game nights.

Why you should care: Because if you have one, and you invite me, I will come if I can!!

Thing you should know: I have a wonderful, hot husband.

Why you should care: Because I’ve been through the wedding thing. I understand that the process can get stressful, and I’m committed to creating and supporting a sense of joy and ease at all times. I want to be the favorite, most easy-to-deal-with part of your wedding journey.