NYC Wedding Photographer


I understand there may be a lot of questions floating around in your head, and I’m happy to discuss anything you’d like. Here are some questions that are frequently asked.


Do you Send ALL of the photos? How many can we expect?

Yes, I’ll send all of the photos that you’ll want to see! I don’t send pictures that are near duplicates or where people are blinking or making unflattering/weird faces. I promise I’m not withholding anything great from you. Figure you’ll receive about 75 - 100 images per shooting hour. That being said, there’s no cap, so if there are great photos in there, you’ll be getting them!

How will we receive our photos?

Your photos will be delivered as an online gallery of high resolution, unwatermarked digital files that can be easily downloaded, printed, and shared with friends and family.

When will we get our photos?

I know you’re going to be eager and excited to see your wedding photos! Within 48 hours of the wedding, I’ll send over a handful of images so that you can get some instant gratification and have beautiful photos to post online right away. A few weeks later, you’ll receive another big sneak peek in a blog post of around 30 - 50 images that tell the story of your wedding. You’ll have your full wedding gallery 6 weeks after the big day.

Will you post our wedding on your website and social media?

Hopefully, yes! Wedding photos are the only way I can really show what I do, plus I will be so excited about your photos that I’ll want to share them!! Also, unless you tell all of your guests not to post anything, there will likely be photos of your wedding online. If you are super private or need your photos to be kept offline for any reason, that is no problem! My top priority is to serve you and capture your day. Please make a note of this when you contact me so we’re all on the same page.

What if I want to be famous? Can you get my wedding published?

Yes, let’s do it! My weddings have been featured in many of the top wedding publications, including The Knot, Zola, Rock N Roll Bride, Elle Decor, and many more. I love inspiring other couples, and it’s a super fun way for your wedding to live on! Of course there are no guarantees, but if you know this is something you’re interested in, let me know!

Do you have insurance and back up gear?

Yes and yes. I am fully insured, and I can provide your venue with a Certificate of Insurance if they require one. Additionally, I come to your wedding with back ups of everything! An extra camera body, lenses, batteries, memory cards, lights… Pretty much I have double what I need. All of my cameras shoot on two memory cards at once, so in the very rare instance that a memory card gets corrupted, I have an identical back-up. The night of your wedding, I backup your photos onto two hard drives and the cloud, and I don’t erase your memory cards until the wedding has been delivered to you. I am not playing around with your wedding photos!!

Are the photos edited?

Your photos will be edited one by one so that they are consistent with the high quality standard that your wedding photos deserve. They will be carefully processed for color and exposure so that they really pop and capture the beauty of your day. Approximately 30 - 50 images will be given an extra step of fine-tuning so that they are album-ready. These are the images that will likely appear on your blog post, and they are my favorite images from your day. Additionally, any photos that you want to put in your album or that you purchase for customized wall art will be fully retouched as well.

What is the difference again between the bulk of the photos and the special group that is album-ready?

Let me explain. Let’s say, for instance, that your ceremony is taking place indoors at a beautiful venue. Gorgeous lighting, a grand arch, stunning flowers that you’ve chosen for your day. And let’s imagine that there’s also an outlet at the bottom of the wall. If you choose a photo for your album or to hang on your wall in a custom-made 16 X 24 metal print, I will likely get rid of that outlet to make the photo cleaner. However, I’m not going to get rid of the outlet in the 100 photos that I send you from your ceremony. Does that make sense?

What if I want you to change my appearance? What if I didn’t like my hair or I want you to straighten my teeth or flatten my stomach in all of the photos?

Alright, this is a sensitive one. First of all, I’m actually quite skilled in Photoshop, and most of these issues can be addressed. However, these alterations would be an extra cost. I highly encourage you to make sure you feel GREAT about the way you look at your wedding! Do a hair and makeup trial to make sure you’ll look just the way you want. If there are things you’re sensitive about, do some research ahead of time on how you can cover things up creatively. I get that you want to look “perfect” in your wedding photos, and of course I will make you look your absolute best, but I really don’t like altering people’s appearances beyond reality.

For photos that appear in your album or specifically ordered wall art, I’m more likely to do some slight adjustments at no extra cost, but if you want extensive work done, there may be some additional charges.

Do you offer albums?

Yes! I offer fully customized high-quality albums that I’m in love with. Shoot me an email and I can give you plenty of information there!

How do I book you?

Just click the button below to get in touch! I’ll send over some customized options for you that will include things you want and won’t include things you don’t need. Once a contract is signed and retainer is paid, I will be reserved for your wedding! Woo hoo!

Have more questions? Please fill out a contact for HERE or email me at (don’t forget the B !)