Headshot Rates


As a former actor myself, I know how important a great headshot is.  It's what gets us in the door, it's how people remember us, and it is an important part of our branding and visibility.  That is why it is important to me that your headshot is one-of-a-kind and really captures you in your element!  I shoot completely outdoors with all natural light, and I like to keep the atmosphere fun and relaxed.



20 minutes: 1 look, 1 retouched shot

This shoot is perfect if you're a professional who needs one shot for your website, business card, or promotional material.  In and out, let's get it done!



1 hour: 3 - 4 looks, 1 retouched shot

This is a great headshot session if you warm up quickly and are looking for something specific.  If your manager is hounding you for that suit-wearing lawyer shot, or if you want to take a shot for a transitional phase (growing out your hair?), this may be the shoot for you.  It is also a great shoot if you want some straight-forward wonderful headshots and you aren't too concerned with getting a huge variety of clothing/backgrounds.



up to 2 hours: 4 - 6 looks, 2 retouched shots

This is what I would recommend for any actor who is looking for that perfect shot or two or three that really capture who you are!  With this option, we can shoot through a whole bunch of looks, getting a wide variety of styles and leaving you with plenty of options.



up to 3 hours: unlimited looks, 3 retouched shots

This is a great shoot if you are looking for a complete photo overhaul!  As with the Headshot Session, we'll get a nice variety of great headshots, and with this shoot we'll be able to do more.  Maybe you want some full-body shots or some lifestyle shots for your website.  Maybe you want to allow time for a hair change (from straight to curly or from beard to clean-shaven).  Or maybe you just want more time to play!  This is a great option if you have many looks you'd like to achieve.




Like I said, I like to keep things fun and relaxed.  And simple!  Leading up to the shoot, we can discuss your expectations.  What are you looking to get out of our session?  What is your reason for wanting new headshots now?  And it's OK if you don't have answers.  :)  We'll discuss wardrobe possibilities, but I can tell you now:  Bring options.  Bring clothing that makes you feel great and that gets you complimented.  Feel free to overpack so we can go through the options together and come up with looks that are varied and will look great on camera.

After your session, I'll send you a gallery of your entire shoot that you can peruse, share with friends, mark favorites, upload to Facebook, etc.  Once you decide on the shots you'd like to use, I can retouch them and get them back to you within 5 business days.



I do not require you to use a professional hair and makeup artist, but if you would like to, I have excellent recommendations.  This would be a separate fee that is paid directly to him/her.  Unless you are very confident doing yourself up (which many of you are), I highly recommend using someone.  It makes a big difference!  :)


All of my headshot packages include at least one retouched shot. If you’d like more, the fee for additional retouched images are $35 per shot. Woo hoo!

*Returning clients get 15% off!*